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Superstition and Superstar

By Anwesha Banerjee and Pinaki Ghosh India, has made unbelievable progress in IT, science, and other areas. It will hardly happen that you will not come across an Indian doctor in Britain, or an Indian scientist in USA. Companies from the ‘developed countries’ now outsource their IT projects to India for good. MNCs give high […]


More magic secrets (with one more mega FREE ebook)

After posting the magic sercets of David Blaine video and ebook, we were overwhelmed with the response and number of people who wanted to see more video of this type. Here, take a look at this. Hope you like it. Note, that we do not condemn magic, or magicians. They are great entertainers and artists. […]


Magician David Blaine’s Secrets

 By Prabir Ghosh (click here to know more about the writer) Who’s David Blaine?   This question need not be explained to viewers from USA or UK, since Blaine, based in USA  is probably the number one magician today, with a popularity which is unbelievable. Blaine, who started as a street magician, surprised viewers by showing […]


Want to see God?

By Pinaki Ghosh Concentrate looking at the four dots in the middle of this abstract picture. Keep looking at the four dots for 30 seconds or a little more than that. Then close your eyes, and tilt your head backwards. Let your eyes remain closed. You will be able to see someone. What is it? Who do […]


Is He Homosexual?

The Truth About Sathya Sai Baba By: Vir Sanghvi Republish courtesy: , November 26, 2006. Our sincere thanks to them. If Sathya Sai Baba is a sort of God come down to earth to help us, credulous humans, then why doesn’t he use his powers for the public good? What’s the point of materialising […]


Look…how Sai Baba performs like a bad magician

We thank Eagle & Eagle for the videos used in this article. Watch these online movies (click on them): 01. Baba cheating with vibhuti(1.84 MB): You can clearly see how Baba gets something from his left hand, in which he is holding the letters, and then a bit later is performing vibhuti with his right […]

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