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Prabir Ghosh: notable rationalist of the world as per Wikipedia

Please search Wikipedia for ‘rationalist movement’. You will come to know about rationalist movement and a list of notable rationalists of the world like Prabir Ghosh, Noam Chomsky, Nicolaus Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Paul Kurtz and so on.


A fight against false gods

By Mohua Das W henever he hears of a godman drawing a large crowd with his “supernatural powers”, Prabir Ghosh rushes to the spot to challenge his lofty claims. For the past few decades, Ghosh has been fighting long and hard to make people adopt a rational attitude to life. “I have watched godman doing […]



By Prabir Ghosh Translated by Sumitra Padmanabhan    What is Reiki? Some practitioners of Kolkata claim that Reiki has its root in India. The ancient sage Bashishitha used to cure patients by his touch. Then it spread throughout the world. We all know that Jesus supposedly cured lepers (people suffering from the deadly disease, leprosy) […]

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