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The Ghastly Death of Rizwanur

Protest of Rizwanur’s students and colleagues Ref: The ghastly death of Rizwanur on 21st September, in Kolkata. All unite in protest against the role of police and Priyanka’s parents. Be with Priyanka and demand enquiry & punishment for the culprits. We demand suspension of Police Commissioner Prasun Mukherjee for talking and acting against legal & […]


International Humanists’ Day: 14th Anniversary

HUMANISTS’ ASSOCIATION was born on September 11, 1993. Even after 14 long years the relevance of a secular haman society is increasing. In the wake of the demolition of Babri Masjid we felt the need to stress on the new religion ‘HUMANISM’ and our organization was born; and on 10th December, the same year 54 […]


Mother Teresa and Sainthood

We the Rationalists and Humanists of India want to clear our stand regarding Mother Teresa and her proposed sainthood. In the wake of the recent discovery of Teresa’s letters proclaiming her spiritual doubts we feel that our views have a greater relevance at the moment. Mother’s was strong personality combined with deep compassion and an […]

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