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Sub: News dated 17.07.09 about Ms. Mayavati and Ms. Joshi Bahuguna

The facts are – 1) There is a separate law – SC/ ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act for protecting the SC/ST communities against various humiliation and degradations faced by them from society. 2) Ms Mayavati, through application of this Act was paying all dalit rape victims Rs. 25000 each. Before going into the dialectics, what […]


Police brutality: Uncertain Future for the Athlete of Lalgarh

We, members of the HUMANISTS” ASSOCIATION are with Anup Mondal of Goaltor and demand immediate and appropriate action to be taken against the police or military involved in this mindless cruelty described below. It happened on the 19th of June, 2009. Police and paramilitary forces had just started joint operations in Lalgarh, West Bengal to […]


Some lines from an article by ‘Super cop’ K. P. S. Gill

Wherever I confronted terrorism … my first effort was always to develop a fair understanding of motive, intent and ideology of the groups… … The Maoists have many sins to their name, but putting bombs in public places to target random civilians are not among these. There is definitely a comprehensive failure of assessment on […]

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