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Protest against TV program (in support of rebirth) “Raaz Pichhle Janam ka” on NDTV Imagine

Click here to sign the Petition In the award winning film ‘Nayak’ by the renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray, the protagonist asks his friend – “do you think there is an afterlife? Do you believe in re-birth?” the friend laughs and says “even if I am born again, I won’t be the same Jyoti living in […]


World Bank includes Kashmir clause

World Bank refuses to accept INDIA’S TERRITORIAL CLAIM on Jammu and Kashmir. -The Telegraph, 1st Page, December 23 , 2009


Program on NDTV Imagine: ‘RAAZ PICHHLE JANAM KA’

এন ডি টিভি ইমাজিন – এর ‘ইমাজিনেশন’ বা কল্পনার দৌড় দেখে সত্যি চমকালাম ‘রাজ পিছলে জনম কা’ নাম দিয়ে পুর্বজন্ম নিয়ে একটা বেশ মোটা দাগের সিরিয়াল শুরু হতেই এস.এম.এস. এর ঝড়। আপনারা কী করছেন? প্রতিবাদ করুন। দেখলাম মোটামুটি যা বলতে চায় তা হল – পূর্ব জন্ম আছে—আর সম্মোহন করে সব জেনে ফেলা যায়। তবে যেভাবে তৈরি […]


The New York Times on NUMEROLOGY

Indian Soothsayers Offer Tips Using Numbers and Names By VIKAS BAJAJ Published in The New York Times: December 4, 2009 MUMBAI, India — Sanjay B. Jumaani has your number — and for a fee he can offer you an upgrade. Mr. Jumaani is one of this bustling city’s most famous numerologists. He studies dates of […]


10 December: International Human Rights Day

We keep going on. Our protest against injustice, against all irrational, inhuman and   divisive forces in today’s society is forever on. On this day 17 years ago Humanists’ Association celebrated its legal victory by embracing ‘Humanism’ as religion for the first time. 53 members were present on that day in Kolkata, India, to officially accept […]

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