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How Many More Arrests Will Orissa See?

Ranjana Padhi, Pramodini Pradhan, D Manjit Much before Operation Greenhunt, people’s movements have been facing repression on a sustained basis in Orissa. This state has seen struggles of different ideologies and political persuasions coming up as people’s lives, livelihood and natural resources are at stake. While the question of land for the adivasis remains unaddressed […]


News: CHILD MARRIAGE Attempt Foiled by Rationalists

Right after the Annual Conference held at Kolkata, our Bankura branch has jumped into action. A tribal girl, Putul Tudu aged 12 years was being given in marriage against her will. It is not only illegal in India, but unethical and inhuman. Our secretary Biplab Das from Bankura visited the remote village Housibad amidst the […]



On 6th and 7th 0f March, 2010 we celebrated the completion of 25 years of our Rationalist Association at Juba kendra,(Youth Centre) Moulali, Kolkata. 93 delegates came from 16 districts of Bengal. There were interactive session, panel discussion on problems at the branch level as well as various social issues. General Secretary Prabir Ghosh read […]


OC Against Animal Slaughter

ভাতার থানার ও সি — কালী মন্দিরে বলি না দিয়ে পাঁঠাদের পুষে ফেললেন। নাম দিলেন রামু-শামু। ছবিতে দেখুন কেমন পাতা খাচ্ছে রামু-শামু। আর মা-কালীর জায়গা দখল করেছে খুদে খুদে রাধা-কৃষ্ণ। এই ঘটনায় যুক্তিবাদীদের অবশ্যই হাত আছে। পেপার কাটিং পড়ে নিন। আমাদের আশা ভবিষ্যতে আরো ছোট হতে হতে রাধা-কৃষ্ণ ভ্যানিশ হয়ে যাবেন। নতুবা ঠাঁই পাবেন ও […]



On this day—1 march 1985, 25 years ago Prabir Ghosh founded the Rationalist Association [Science & Rationalists Association of India or Bharatiya Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti]. The organization started its long journey with relentless struggle against superstition and blind faith – its chief aim being a better society without deprivation and economic differences. Spiritualism and […]

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