A humble challenge to Pope Francis

I have come to know through different newspaper reports of the announcement made in December’2015 by the Pope of the Vatican City State that they have got hold of irrefutable confirmation of the ‘miraculous’ clout of Mother Teresa. The evidence as asserted is about someone residing in Santos, a city in the Sao Paolo state of Brazil who was detected with multiple brain tumors and was healed by the ‘incorporeal soul’ of Mother Teresa. Thus, Mother will be endowed with ‘Sainthood’ on 4th September, 2016

 On behalf of the Science & Rationalists’ Association of India, we would like to inquire Pope Francis about the definition of ‘soul’ from his perspective.  Religious communities like Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jews etc consider ‘soul’ as ‘immortal’. Nevertheless, they are at variance with each other when it comes to the appellation of ‘soul’. Can Pope Francis provide an explanation/ definition of ‘soul’ which will be undisputedly accepted by all religious sects? As far as science goes, it unequivocally affirms that the explanation of ‘soul’ mentioned in various religious texts, has absolutely no scientific base

 According Gautam Buddha, ‘soul’ is perishable. In that case, the ‘immortal soul’ of Mother Teresa, healing disease, is in itself a groundless claim.  We would therefore appeal Pope Francis not to get involved in such deceit in the name of Jesus Christ

 I had been interviewed on the issue by several esteemed news media all around the globe & it is still very much on. In such interviewing sessions I have claimed that I have a fractured left shoulder. Can Pope Francis cure me up through the ‘super-natural power’ of any of the Saints? I clearly make out, he cannot. It can be done only with the help of modern health care and medical science and not through any ‘paranormal’ command

 Hence, we fervently appeal to the entire human fraternity to sincerely judge the aspect with reasoning and rationality instead of getting swayed by unsubstantiated emotions and sentiments

 Prabir Ghosh

President, Science & Rationalists’ Association of India

Advisor, Humanists Association

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