‘Astrology Education Centre or a Den of Crooks?’

By Santosh Sharma

From Dainik Biswamitra-04.07.11

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8 Responses to “‘Astrology Education Centre or a Den of Crooks?’”

  1. biplab das 13 July 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    oh good cover SANTOSH SHARMA. really very good.
    are jo pesha illegal hai use sarkar kavi degree de hi nehi sakta.

  2. A K Bairagi 14 July 2011 at 7:44 AM #

    Thanks Santosh for a good posting.

    Biplab is right.

  3. Dwijapada Bouri 15 July 2011 at 12:39 PM #

    Good Article Santosh. Thanks…

  4. asok kumar das 16 July 2011 at 6:03 AM #

    I object. Strongly object against the report. I think Mr. Sharma should have been careful enough while chosing words for drafting the report. The ‘OR’, the conjunction used in the caption of the report may confuse his readers.
    Is there any difference between ‘Astrological Education Centre’ and ‘a den of crooks’? And is it fair to insert ‘OR’ between the phrases? There is no ‘either’ or an ‘OR’. The two phrases carry THE same meaning and we have to choose both the statements all at a time. All, I say ALL Astrological schools are nothing but ‘den of crooks’. Is there any honest thief? All, I repeat ALL astrologers, gyangurus, godmen, godwomen and members of such other tribes are crooks.cheaters, antisocials and criminals. I cannot find any reason for searching any milder adjective to put before such fraudulent traders.
    Please do not treat me as the enemy of the society if I, most humbly say that the Astrological schools, in other sense are never fraudulent ones. The teachers, sorry, the Gurus honestly train their deciples honestly how to be dishonest, how to bring the weak and frustrated people into their net, how to kindle the passion of greed for easy fortune, how to befool the intelligent fools etc. etc. And most of them perform these dishonest duties honestly. They are faithful to their clients and very much honest to their profession of dishonesty. As a music school teaches music, a cricket school teaches the game of cricket, the astrological schools teaches the art of fraud. There is nothing abnormal in it to make it a news.Will anybody call a Burglary Education Centre, (if there is any which might coaches their deciples to be good thieves) a ‘den of thieves’? So, I think, the appropriate caption of the report should have been “Astrological Education Centre – a den of the honest crooks” Do you agree with me, my dear Mr. Sharma? If so, please thank me for helping you dispel any confusion amongst you readers.
    In this connection I cannot resist my temptation to tell you a history that was enacted more than a decade hence. As a quasi judicial authority, while disposing a case regarding an astrologer, I, in my order explained how the astrolgers carry on criminal acts, how they misuse the government document those were illegally awarded to them, how they decorate their chamber displaying their joint photographs with Souravs, Amitavs, or even with Chief Justices with a view to further their crminal trade prospects. I also noted in my aforesaid order how Trade Licences, Income Tax Registration, and such other Government Certificates are displayed as Government approval of the criminal activities. Perhaps my order is the first one that was passed by me on behalf of Government which declared that all and ALL astrologers, godmen, gyangurus are cheater, are criminals. Innocent people should be protected by the State from their bloody claws. After passing the order, I requested in secret notes to the higher authorities to 1. investigate how the Registrar of Societies granted registration to the astrological schools whose written agenda is to undo the intention of the law of the land, 2.to review the legality and morality to share the loot of the criminals by way of accepting Income Tax and thus forcing the civil citizens being parters of the crime, 3. to review the Drug and Magic Remedies Act 1954 so as to find loopwholes of the old Act and amend to make it fit in the changed circumstances. 4. to cancel the Trade Licenses those were granted in favour of the criminals by the Metropolitan Corporations and Panchayets etc. etc.
    After passing the order facing great resistance of my government and risking my service and life, I was happy to think, foolishly thought that I had initiated a revolution. And I hoped that my fellow countrymen, particularly my rationalist comrades will end the superstition effectively. A decade has passed since then only to see with wonder and frustration that our popular Chief Minister taking her office at a time fixed astrlogically by astrologers and purhits. While visiting people and societies around the world I personally find the business of the fraudulent trade of the astrologers is growing as before everywhere in the globe mocking the civilisation of the mankind of tentyfirst century utterly. And we tolerate the humiliation peacefully.

    I congratulate Mr. Sharma for his beautiful report and I congratulate SRAI for bringing it to the readers of the Facebook.I wish a bengali version of the reprt be published too.


    Asokdas Charbak,
    Email: asokdas.godless@gmail.com

  5. Profile photo of Manish Ray Chaudhuri
    Gablu 17 July 2011 at 7:06 PM #

    Thanks Santosh!!
    U r really doing a good job.

  6. HUMANISTS ASSN 20 July 2011 at 11:29 AM #

    Ha ha — u’r right Mr.Das. ‘Or’ here means ‘in other words’.That is, Astrology school is nothing but a den of crooks.

  7. HUMANISTS ASSN 20 July 2011 at 11:35 AM #

    Yes Mr Asok Das– we all know your contribution regarding proving ‘astrology’ as a bogus profession. We discuss it often in our class — and all our members know about it and remember you with great respect.–Sumitra di

  8. Asok Kumar Das 6 August 2011 at 10:59 PM #

    Replying Sumitradi…..

    Sumitradebi and many of my friends are continuing to commit an old mistake by proclaiming that I proved Astrology a bogus and illegal profession. It was, in fact proved several centuries before when Gallilio showed us by his telescope how the Earth moving around the Sun ignoring the order of powerless god. How, proving ignorance of the wise astrologers, the Sun stands in the center of the
    planetory system and not the earth. The lies, those written in the holy books as dictated by the gods or their earthly ambassodors had long been detected under the glasses of Gallilio. It is a lie that there are planets like Rahu or ketu and that the Sun is a planet. And the true science of holy astrology stands on these false ideas and the astrologers count or show us the acting of calculating our fate on the basis of such falsehood. Everyone knows how untrue the holy truths are. Even the children of the primary school laugh at the astrologers’ idea of planets’ behaviour.The children of the astrlogers learn from their school teachers that their fathers tell lie to his customers by telling the untrue knowledge of the planetorial positions and movements. Astrologers themselves know this as a cheater knows how he lies The astrologers themselves send their children to learn antiastrological science and not to learn the foolish wisdom of the astrlogical liers, except however for choosing a profession of a cheater. The children also learn and understand in their school that their astrloger father are liers and they cheat the customers to earn money to feed them. What all, even the children know, is surely known to all. So it is not true that an humble person like me proved astrology an illegal profession.
    Then what did I do twelve years hence when the newspaper and TV channels were so furiously flooded with the news of my deeds? Why were the chambers of the astrologers, schools of astrology and the business houses of stones shaken as if by the effect of an earthquake? Not for that I proved anything. Not for that I created a new idea or wrote a new phylosophy in my order. I simply executed the law passed by our learned Members of Parliament. I only reflected the will of the law makers – established the rule of law.[In fact, if the law of the land approve astrology as a legal profession, I would grant the astrloger’s petition in spite of my personal moral disapproval]Being a servant of the people, I was dutybound to do so. I did nothing extraordinary which may make a news in a law abiding civil country. A policeman does not do anything remarkabe when he catches a thief. Rather when he allows a thief to escape, he makes a news.Being a protector of law I only did not allow the criminal(here the astrologer) to escape. I did it as a part of my normal duty which is assured by me in exchange of an amount of salary.

    It is unfortunate that such a mere execution of normal duties has become an instance – a rare news. So rare that the lecturers of rationalist phylosophy of SRAI refer it in the classes! [also I have come to know with astonishment and perhaps with a little pride of my subconscious hidden human mind that the orders passed by me in course of discharging my official duties are also referred to at the classes of Administrative Training Institute where the Civil Servants (WBCS) are being made prepared to serve the people.]

    In fact the burden of respect that you conferred upon my orders is humiliating for the guardians of law. Do they not generally discharge there duties to guard the rule of law in a normal manner? And when done, should it become a rare instance?It is a matter of disgrace indeed! Disgrace for the Administration.

    I dream a civil society where my work, and such other works done by my fellow officers will not be treated as an extraordinary work to be rememberred.Let arresting a thief be a normal routine work of a policeman. Let the arrest of an astrologer by a policeman for his filthy illegal profession or sending him to prison by the judges of the courts be normal executive and judicial duties.

    Asokdas Charbak,
    United States of America

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