Child labour? Is’nt it illegal?


Little girls and boys-- like the one with a blue net-- wade along the mud and water whole day in sundarbans catching meen, newly hatched baby prawns. They are tiny and almost transparent. The kids have to squat in the water to sort them out.They get 20 rupees by selling 100 to businessmen and their middlemen.
After 'AILA' schools are closed,broken down or washed away. The farmlands are spoilt by saline water, the cattle and goats mostly washed away.
Can the government just reverse the rate as a rule-- and make it Rs.100 for 20?
Our suggestion is -- make announcements on loudspeakers -- just as you did while warning for the coming cyclone, which really saved thousands of lives.
Let this new rate be known to all -- buyers and sellers. A special gesture -- so that the flood-devastated people of southern Bengal can live with self-respect and do not turn to begging.
After all, these prawn hatchlings, after only 4 months will turn out to be the most expensive food, "Bagda Chingri" -- tiger prawns, that our state produces and exports ( the rate at the local market can be anything between Rs.300--Rs.500 per Kilogram).
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