Demand for Gorkhaland

Let us not forget that demand for a separate state within a country is made for administrative purposes on the basis of cultural identity. We have seen it in Jharkhand, in Chhattisgarh. We have seen the making of Andhra Pradesh and of Maharashtra long ago. The demand is as per the constitutional rights of the people and the present movement in the hills of Bengal is democratic and peaceful. Though the majority of the people here are Gorkhas,( about 70% ), people of all other communities live here in perfect harmony and tourists are very much welcome in normal times. To give this perfectly democratic movement a communal colour and to instigate common people to fight among themselves (throwing stones at peaceful fasting members in front of BDO office, making young boys throw stones at poor Nepali or Gorkha hutments etc.) is being purposefully done by one minister of the left front Government. We have seen this before and we understand that this is done to create chaos so that RAF & military can be called for and the movement of the Jana Mukti Morcha can be undermined. The Govt led by a certain minister is committing a serious crime by attacking the peaceful movement. To instil communal feelings among Indian citizens is definitely anti-national. For this we demand immediate punishment for the wrong-doer. We express our heartfelt support for the Gorkha Jana-Mukti Morha and congratulate all its members for their courage, patience & commitment towards a unprecedented peaceful and united movement. We are with you... Prabir Ghosh General Secretary, BHARATIYA BIGYAN O JUKTIBADI SAMITY [SCIENCE & RATIONALISTS' ASSOCIATION OF INDIA] Sumitra Padmanabhan General Secretary, [HUMANISTS' ASSOCIATION]
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