More magic secrets (with one more mega FREE ebook)

After posting the magic sercets of David Blaine video and ebook, we were overwhelmed with the response and number of people who wanted to see more video of this type. Here, take a look at this. Hope you like it. Note, that we do not condemn magic, or magicians. They are great entertainers and artists. What we condemn is when magicians start acting like angels sent by God. It's a good idea to know as many tricks as you can, so that you are not tricked by anyone, who pretends to be an incarnation of God. Now here is another great ebook on David Baline's magic secrets. Download the full version of DAVID BLAINE'S MEGA MAGIC and enjoy! Some of the tricks, like THE MIND READER are really enjoyable. If you enjoy reading the book; do invite your friends to visit this site, and share your enjoyment. Pinaki Ghosh
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