Prabir Ghosh

Prabir Ghosh Prabir Ghosh is the 72-years-old President of the Science and Rationalists' Association of India and the scourge of every guru, godman, fakir, faith-healer and fat swami for a hundred miles of his home in Calcutta. He is the author of 45 Bengali-language best sellers and 6 English-language best sellers, among them such classics as 'Nothing Supernatural' and 'Why I Don’t Believe In God'. Despite nine assassination attempts, including a hit-and-run attack by a man on an Enfield motorbike that left Ghosh with four broken ribs, he has waged a lifelong campaign to expose Indian gurus for what he believes they are: charlatans. ‘There was a time when there were a lot of godmen in Kolkata,’ says Ghosh with a schoolboy grin. ‘Not any more.’ Born on 1st March 1945, Prabir spent his early childhood in railway towns of Kharagpur and Adra. Growing up with god-fearing parents in this multicultural township, Prabir had keen interest in gods and godmen. As a child he spent hours with these religious people. As a result, he learnt magic and all the other tricks these godmen practiced, at a very young age. Teacher Subhendu Roy instilled in him, the interest in sociology and in the power of political motivation behind all human endeavours. He grew up  have keen interest in politics and developed excellent oratorical skill. In his college days, he started writing in premier Bengali magazines and dailies. An avid reader, his interests include anthropology, archeology, history, psychology, sociology and of course, politics. As a result, his understanding of  the human mind as an individual and the social human being as a species is vast.  With this knowledge of the human mind, his keen sense of politics gives him an insight and a rare understanding of all human problems. He has also completed four collection of series meant for young readers who wish to grew up. Topics like psychology, history, sociology and politics are discussed by way of story-telling in such lucid language that one never loses interest. And the special point of view, which is the trademark of Prabir, never fails to hit the readers’. Aware of  party programmes of all political parties , and their failures and effectiveness, he realized the importance of “Rationalism” as a school of thought which should be systematically developed . Once the Rationalists’ Association was established, he had to face severe animosity from various groups of spirituals and godmen. An immensely courageous and upright person, he faces all attacks , with the help of his keen intellect, understanding and the worldwide network of support and goodwill which he enjoys. The challenge by Prabir Ghosh On behalf of Science and Rationalist Association of India, Mr. Prabir Ghosh will pay INR 50,00,000 to anyone who claims to possess supernatural power of any kind and proves the same  without restoring to any trick in the location specified by Prabir Ghosh. The so-called supernatural or paranormal incidents widely publicized in India and abroad which are included by Prabir Ghosh in his list of 30 instances are as follows: Ø      Curing a terminally ill person in six months, with the help on Reiki or touch therapy or faith healing. Ø      Repairing transistors or tape recorders with the help of Reiki. Ø      The effectiveness of Feng-shui. Ø      The effectiveness of Vaastu-Shastra (may be demonstrated by opening up factories under lock-out) Ø      Fixing marriages, winning law-suits, getting good academic results etc. with the  help of amulets or talismans. Ø      Walking on water. Ø      Psychokinesis /Tele therapy Ø      Predicting the death (Year and Date) of 4 famous personalities by astrology, or any other psychic power. And many others. Please click here for details. It may be noted that – we don’t have the challenge money 50 lakhs with us. But our supporters and well-wishers have committed to help us out in case we need it. But we are confident we will never need the money.  The rationalist will win all the challenges. If you commit and promise your support, we can enhance the challenge money further.
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