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8 Responses to “The Freethinker”

  1. Gablu 7 November 2009 at 6:33 PM #

    Plz register me.

  2. Asok Kumar Das 4 June 2011 at 3:21 AM #

    This is another milestone towards rationalist movement. LET ALL RATIONALISTS OF THE WORLD – UNITE
    Asokdas Charbak
    Pleasanton, California,USA
    4th June 2011

  3. KR 1 February 2012 at 4:41 PM #

    Why do’nt people start thinking freely (thinking based on science reason and logic)? Why to believe in supernaturals?
    1.When you cannot bring an inch of movement of a little pin without using physical energy (by pushing/ pulling/ by blowing air)and by using supernatural energy alone, how the bloody spiritualists/ theists expect everyone to believe that supernatural god is cause of first motion in matter and universe?
    2.When you cannot prove that supernaturals are causes of any events empirically and all events / effects are known to have only physical or empirical causes, then how this theist / religious idiots / bigots claim that supernaturals such as god, soul, influence of celestial bodies and vastu on persons are true and / or scientific?
    3.When Astrological predictions were compared to real events, only 10% predictions matched with facts which shows that it is a mere chance. To accept astrology as true/ scientific, atleast 99% predictions should match with real events. Then the people who are believing astrology not the idiots and bigots inspite of this is several times informed by free thinkers?
    4.Lord chilkoor Balaji’s devotees claim that this god is 100% fulfiller of their desires and popular as visa god. Would they agree to put their belief to test, by seeing how many devotees get visas in 15 days after they pray to this god. If Atleast 98% gets visas, then one can think that there is some relation between their spiritual prayers and desires fulfilled. Since the devotees are believing without having put their belief to test, are they be not the idiots or bigots?
    5.When a vastu pandit claimed that any thing kept in the north east corner of a house the whole property of the owner gets lost within 15 days. When this claim was tested by placing a stick at north east corner of 100 houses for more than 15 days and even more than two months, nothing happened ( that is no decrease in amount of property of owner. Then what does it mean? It surely mean that Vastu is bulshit superstition and are people believing it not the idiots and bigots when they are believing this without empirical proof in favour of it?
    Believing any thing without empirical proof is superstition. When empirical proof lack for any event, a person having scientific temper would simply says ” no proof exists and we cannot believe” instead of invoking any proofless (unknown or supernatural)causes into it.

  4. rabindranath kundu 5 September 2012 at 11:17 AM #

    i am inspired by you.bharatiya yuktibadi samiti,the free thinker org. hope we shall destroy all superstion nd social imbalance.

  5. KR 16 May 2015 at 9:29 PM #


    The theists are big liars, rascals, stupids, idiots and cheaters. If they are not so with these labels which I have assigned to them, they can prove so by standing to this challenge. Are they ready to do so. If they fail, are they ready to accept this labels or shut down their theism and joins the freethinkers band?

    The Freethought means thought (forming ideas, opinions, searching for reasons/causes, doubting /questioning, accepting and/or rejecting the claims) based on Empiricism (Observation and Experiment) and Logic, independent of Authority (that include Tradition, Religious Scriptures, tyrannies and cruel/sadist persons). The Atheism, Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry), Biology and Mathematics, Applied Sciences (Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Agriculture) are all particular areas of wider Freethought.
    How the conclusion that Supernatural entities do not exists (Atheism) is arrived by application of Empiricism? What is God? If God is defined as some supernatural energy and some one claims it to exist, then we can test this claim by the following methods
    to know weather this claim is true or not:

    1). Put an object on a table. Ask the claimant or proponent to bring motion upto certain distance by praying to god (expressing wish to supernatural god is called prayer). Since it is possible to bring the motion in a body by applying physical force (push or pull) and not by praying, we can conclude that a supernatural energy does not exist. This is an example for the carl sagan’s saying ” Extra ordinary claim requires extra ordinary empirical proof”.
    When I asked a theist like this, he replied that
    he was given the physical energy and by god with which he could move the object. Then I asked him weather he could prove that the physical energy was given to him by god? How he can prove this claim?
    He failed to reply.

    2) I will give a question paper on a certain subject with which a claimant is unaware. Can he answer it correctly with the help of a divine energy (god) with out doing any studing work? By answering this correctly can he prove that his intelligence and thinking power is a gift given by god?

    3) Ask the claimant to come out of a locked room by divine help.

    4).If I step on a god’s photo, why does not god able to make my leg lame there it self?

    5). Can any theist tell the numbers of four numbers of currency notes correctly, with the help of his/ her god?

    7) iF Mantras or words will have energy, If I abuse the gods, why the theists cannot make injury just by applying mantrashakti on me?


  6. KR 17 May 2015 at 4:32 PM #

    EXPERIMENT:If you tell the answer of the problem 2389568 x 7952315, with in one minute with out using paper and pen, calculator, computer and only by using your brain (intelligence / thinking faculty), then the human intelligence can be regarded as divine gift. If you do on the paper, it is regarded as human effort. Are you ready to prove that intelligence is god’s gift?


  7. Himanshu 10 August 2015 at 11:13 AM #

    God is just a concept created sooo many eras ago becoz of lack of rationale thinking. People at that time were helpless and the one who created this concept was very smart. Or it got created naturally becoz to live we need reason and it was the only reason at that time. Gradually ,people got addicted to this concept. And now gradually we are getting changed becoz we realize the truth. But still as a human you need a god to whom you should give all worries so that your mind would relax. Its all about mind and its a mind game. Free thinking is not about believing in god or something ,its about why you believe? Are you aware? Are you conscious or just living robotically. You can believe in god if it pleases you becoz at first we have to exist,and to do that mind should be satisfied becoz it can’t be super active all the time. If you live athiestic life from since you were child , it may be okay , its not so easy to change concept suddenly becoz its our basis of believes and it takes time.
    I see you people who call yourself free thinkers are losing patient.
    If you really want this kind of change should come sooner you have to take part in . Educate your friends first, can you? Can you change their mind? Mostly not n, becoz you don’t know how to change their mind for it. And if if you can’t do that don’t talk about free thought , the society will be mote materialistic and there will be an imbalance if this change occurs suddenly. But with time every body gonna change . But feelings should not be killed in pursuit of something. What use is freethinking if it takrs away the most important characters of humans-that is feelings and natural love? Think once, if to believe in god or not! (:

  8. 27 October 2015 at 11:41 PM #

    Keep this going please, great job!

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