10 December: International Human Rights Day

We keep going on. Our protest against injustice, against all irrational, inhuman and divisive forces in today’s society is forever on. On this day 17 years ago Humanists’ Association celebrated its legal victory by embracing ‘Humanism’ as religion for the first time. 53 members were present on that day in Kolkata, India, to officially accept the new religion ‘Humanism’. * We are at a crucial juncture in the history of mankind. Man is going to become an ‘endangered species’ very soon – well, unless we learn to think differently. Our aim is to ban warfare, save the environment and make this earth really livable. So let us take a vow to promote this new era that is going to come—a cashless, border-less human society. Humanists’ Association is launching a book in Bengali in the coming Book fair to introduce and spread the new revolutionary message. This is the way – the only way. We wish the world a happier, healthier future. HUMANISTS’ ASSOCIATION

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