15 responses received to our challenge to ‘Astrologers’

(Many have not given their addresses. Nos 14 and 15 seem to be those well-advertised astrologers of Kolkata, Bengal -- Sree Gautam amd Vrigu.) 1) Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 13:30:42 +0530 Subject: election results From: sandeep.madana143@gmail.com To: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com congress=179 bjp=198 cpi=24 cpm=40 bsp=13 rjd=19 dmk=13 samaazwadi=32 others=25 2) Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 16:32:35 +0530 Subject: venkateswaraswamyhumanist From: venki.linga@gmail.com To: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com

hello sir

Congress party > 80

Bjp party > 110

Cpm party > 28

Cpi party > 26

Bsp party > 35

Rgd party > 10

Annadmk > 25

Samgavadi > 15


soniya gandhi 125000

advani 2.00000

lalu prasad 35000

paswan 50000

mamatha banrji 40000

manmohan singh 25000

3) Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 21:13:21 +0530 Subject: LS Poll Prediction-2009 From: deva8088@gmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com CC: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com The question announced for astrologers for the poll predictions is given below 1. Who will be the next prime minister of India ? Mr. Pranab Mukharjee 2. Which party, combination of parties will come to power? Congerss- 152 seats SP(mulayam singh)- 26 JD(s)- 7 Independents- 17 CPI(m)- 29 CPI- 7 SP- 2 Forward Block- 2 RJD- 9 AIADMK- 19 BJD- 7 Total- 277 Congress Patry leader with Mr. Pranab Mukharjee as the new prime misnister of India with the help of above alliance numbering total 277 will form the next government. 3. How many seats will each party win? a. Congress- 152 b. BJP- 147 c.CPI(m)- 29 d. CPI- 7 e.SP(Socialist party)- 2 f. RJD- 9 g. JD(s)- 7 h. JD(u)- 3 i. DMK- 13 j.AIADMK- 19 k. Trinamool Congress- 11 l. BSP(MAYAWATHI)- 31 m. BSP(Mulayam Singh)- 26 4. The votes polled by each of the following candidates. a. Sonia Gandhi- 4,39,830 b. Shashi Tharoor- 4,73,939 c.Varun gandhi- 3,71,626 d. Jayaprakash Hegde- 3,36,829 e.S. Bangarappa- 3,87,226 f.B.Y.Raghavendra- 4,26,727 g.Sheena Rai- 2,23,550 h. George Fernandes- 2,16,220 i. L.K.Advani- 5,23,728 j.Janrdhana Poojary- 4,37,750 k.M.M.Joshi- 4,13,528 Jai Maruthi with best wishes N.N.Seshadri 4) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 11:34:04 +0530 Subject: Predict Results of India Parliament Election 2009 From: sameer.khanjit@gmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com; sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com CC: sameer.khanjit@gmail.com 1. How many seats will be acquired by Congress, BJP, TMC, CPI(M), BSP, RJD, Samajbadi Party, DMK, AIDMK? prediction: congress - 155-165 seats, BJP- 145-155 seats, TMC-4seats. CPI(M) - 40 seats, BSP - 60-80 seats, RJD - 10-15seats, SP - 25-35 seats, DMK - 10-15 seats, AIDMK - 15-25 seats. 2. How much differences in votes will remain to win/lose for Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Lalkrishna Advani, Mamata Bandopadhyay, Laluprasad Yadav, Rambilas Paswan from their respective nearest opponents? prediction: Manmohan Singh not contested, Sonia Gandhi - win by 30,000 votes and above, L.K Advani - win by 50,000 votes and above, Mamta - win by 10,000 and above, Laluprasad Yadav - lose by 10,000 votes, Rambilas Paswan - win by 15,000 votes and aboce 3. Who will be the next prime minister of India ? Mr A. K. Antony -- Regards Sameer 5) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 13:57:42 +0530 Subject: challenge accpet forecast LS 2009 From: chanakya.potdar@gmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com CC: abhisarsharma@aajtak.com; sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com; qw.naqvi@aajtak.com Dear Mr. Prabir Ghosh, I am pleased to accept your challenge to forecast the results of upcoming Lok Sabha Polls 2009, I also challange you for having a friendly debate on forecasting and its scientificness as I am a telecomm. engg. and independent analyst and give forecast for various intelligence and scientific agencies incl. NSC, NASA, ISRO. I am also running my portal at http://worldforecast.blogspot.com which is being monitored by International monitors and Security experts of India, US and UK (Incl. The Arlington Institute, Stratfor, CIA , Mossad and Indian agencies). I put forecasts on various topics... Forecast Categories: Terrorism, Strategic/Military Forecast, Political Changes, Poll Results, Natural Disasters: Earthquake/Tsunami, Cyclone, Flood, Landslides, Industrial Disasters: Nuclear, Rail, Air, Marine, Petrochemical, Commercial, Inflation, Oil Prices, Space Missions, National / Global Leadership, Surprise Breakthrough Events, Nuclear Tests / Missile Tests, VVIP Security. And I can provide more then 100 proofs in support of my claims which are authentic and scientific and can be verified by any national / international agency (that should transparent and non biased ) The forecast results are as follows : BJP - 155, INC - 88, JDU - 19, JDS - 9 SAD - 4, RJD - 7, S. Sena - 19, SP - 20 AIADMK - 18, LJP - 2, PMK - 7, CPI - 14 DMK - 13, CPM - 15, INLD - 7, FB - 7 TDP - 17, BSP - 35, Trin C. - 15, TRS - 5 PDP - 2, NC - 1, NCP - 11, Others - Rest Win / Lost List : (approx Margin) Sonia Gandhi - Won - 75,000 . LK Adwani - Won - 69,000 Sharad Panwar- Won - 39,000 Sushma Swaraj - Won - 2,05,000 Mamta Banerjee- Won - 1,10,100 Rajnath Singh - Won - 21,000 Dr. Satyanarayan Jatiya - Won - 60,000 Sumitra Mahajan - Won -1,30,000 Rahul Gandhi - Won - 55,000 Varun Gandhi - Won - 15,000 Lalu Prasad Yadav - 1 won - 13,000 1 lost - 3,000 Mulayam Sing - Won - 86,000 Jaswant Singh - Won - 15,000 Ramvilas Paswan - Lost - 11,000 Menka Gandhi - Won - 7,000 Buta Singh - Lost , Dushyant Singh - Lost Please send me if any more results (specifically you needed) , you throw challenge very late I posted the data on my portal on May 5,2009 and personally mailed various monitors and media aajtak, etv raj, toi (who did not publish it) in the beginning of May , 2009. Today my forecast reg. NASA STS - 125 Atlantis launch (trouble during blast off come true anticipated by me on April 17,2009 and May 09,2009 (collision with debris damage 40 tiles needs replacement before return). We shall be happy to discuss the matter openly in media and we also support your mission but you must have to look the causes which are beyond reach of current science. A copy has been sent to The Channel Head, Aajtak Shri Naqvi as per your instructions. With Best Regards, Chanakya Potdar Kota Tel . : 094602 37122 (contact b/w 9 am to 2 pm) and 5 to 7 pm night 9 pm onwards... Email : chanakya.potdar@gmail.com Web. : http://worldforecast.blogspot.com 6) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 02:52:25 -0700 From: raj_rinku46@yahoo.com Subject: i accept the chhalange details of seats To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com CC: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com

Krishan kumar -- Congress 235 bjp ----110

Suman ------------ Bsp 6---- sp--29

mukesh -------------- RJD 27-------- DMK----0

Bhoop singh --------- RJD---27------ MKP-----23

BRiz Mohani Devi --------------BSP 6 , Sp------29

Jagwanti -------------------- RJD 27 SP-------29

contact no 9214155616

7) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 06:02:30 -0700 From: kapil.kumar4@yahoo.com Subject: answer 2500000 challange - kapil To: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com

Indian national congress - 260 Bharia janti parti- 160 Communist party of India - 20 Comunist party of inndia cpiem-18 Samjwadi party - 10 Rastria janta dal- 3 Rastria janta dal scaular –5 Janta dal united - 2 Dmk - 2 Amidak -2 Tamc - 3 Baujan samaj wad I party –38 Bhartiya smajwadi party 20 Adress - kapil s% Ran Singh House no. - 2\79 housing board jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) Phone no-09024220511,

8) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 13:20:27 +0000 To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com Subject: poll prediction From: spoorthi.raghu@rediffmail.com CC: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com Find the attachments in the mail. 9) From: hann_u@hotmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com Subject: forecast results / information regarding Parliament Election 2009:– Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 11:41:39 +0000 To Science and Rationalists’ Association of India dear sir here is the forcast result Question no 1. Party Seats Congress 175 BJP 135 TMC 12 CPI(M) 33 BSP 17 RJD 7 Samajwadi party 22 DMK 17 AIADMK 18 Question no. 2 Sonia wins by 3,17,000 votes Lal Krishn Adwani wins by 1,80,000 votes Mamata Bandopadhyay wins by 32,000 votes Laluprasad Yadav wins by 80,000 votes Rambilas Paswan wins by 2,00000 votes regards 10) Subject: Prediction of Results of India Parliament Election 2009 Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 19:20:17 +0530 From: prince.thampan1@wipro.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com; sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com

1. How many seats will be acquired by Congress, BJP, TMC, CPI(M), BSP, RJD, Samajbadi Party, DMK, AIDMK? Ans: Congress- 157

BJP- 147

TMC- 25

CPI(M)- 29

BSP - 15

RJD- 13

Samajbadi Party- 28

DMK- 23


2. How much differences in votes will remain to win/lose for Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Lalkrishna Advani, Mamata Bandopadhyay, Laluprasad Yadav, Rambilas Paswan from their respective nearest opponents?

Ans: Manmohan Singh,4,39,833

Sonia Gandhi, 4,73,936

Lalkrishna Advani,3,87,426

Mamata Bandopadhyay, 2,16,212

Laluprasad Yadav, 5,23428

Rambilas Paswan 448750


Prince Thampan

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CONTACT No. 9391067609

12) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 23:30:20 +0530 From: sisodiyajyoti_35@yahoo.com Subject: Regarding to your Question !!! To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com; sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com

Respected Sir ,

I am not an astrologer but its my guessing or u can say its my own astrology about the parliament .

Below is the answer for---

1. How many seats will be acquired by Congress, BJP, TMC, CPI(M), BSP, RJD, Samajbadi Party, DMK, AIDMK?

Ans : Congress --> 142,

BJP, TMC, CPI(M), BSP, RJD, Samajbadi Party, DMK, AIDMK

13) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 23:43:16 +0530 Subject: PRIDICTION OF ELECTION 2009 From: ravigupta31@gmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com CC: sumitra_humanist@hotmail.com; Ndtvkhabar@ndtv.com Dear Sir, Science has yet to reaveal many secrects .This I am writing on behalf of my friend Rajendra shukla we came to know about this at 9:00 pm so time was not sufficient to predict all we are making three pridiction Congress will get 216-- 217 seats bjp 187 seats l k advani will won by 58960 votes Rajendra kumar shukla lucknow 9369380295 CALL IN DAY TIME THEN AND THEN PRIDICTION WILL BE MADE BY GRACE OF GOD -- Ravi Gupta 14) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 13:38:50 +0530 Subject: Fwd: challenge From: sree.goutam2@gmail.com To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: sree goutam <sree.goutam2@gmail.com> Date: May 15, 2009 1:33 PM Subject: challenge To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com


Prabir Ghosh


I,Sree Goutam,one of the notable astrologer,here by announcing that,I accept the challenge of "SCIENCE AND RATIONALIST ASSOCIATION OF INDIA".

They ask about the exact M.Pseat of CONGRESS,BJP,BSP,AIADMK,DMK,SP,TMC,CPM,RJD parties and the margin of win or loss about Minmohan Sing,Sonia Gandhi,L.K.Advani,Mamata Banerjee,Lalu Prasad Yadav,Rambilas Paswan.

Here are the following reply of M.P seats-


and the margins of those leaders are-

Monmohan Sing-130000

Sonia Gandhi-185362


Mamata Banerjee-52637

Lalu Prasad Yadav-25361

Rambilas Paswan-48596

All above leaders will win.






15) Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 08:51:26 +0000 To: prabir_rationalist@hotmail.com Subject: challenge on prediction From: mailme.vrigu@rediffmail.com dear sir, yes i am accepting the science and rationalists association of india' 25 lakhs challenge.i am an astrologer of kolkata and predicting the result of general election 2009 by astrological method. note my prediction on the general election 2009. congress-201 tmc-16 bjp-109 cpi(m)-25 rjd-20 smajwadi party- 33 dmk-24 admk-19 sonia gandhi will win by 200000 votes l.k.advani will win by 59000 votes mamata banerji will win by 210000 votes lalu yadav will win by 20000 votes ram vilas paswan will win by 35000 votes thanking you. let see the result on 16.05 2009. good luck. vrigu

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