Magician David Blaine’s Secrets

By Prabir Ghosh (click here to know more about the writer)

Who's David Blaine?

This question need not be explained to viewers from USA or UK, since Blaine, based in USA is probably the number one magician today, with a popularity which is unbelievable. Blaine, who started as a street magician, surprised viewers by showing his tricks on the streets, including levation, without any distance from people, without any stage tricks, or dark curtains.

Find out more about magician David Blaine; click here. The official David Blaine site is: Do visit it to know more about him.

Blaine's Arm Twisting Trick

Take a look at the video by a masked magician who demonstrates David Blaine's famous arm twisting magic trick (in which Blaine's arm turns 360 degrees) and also explaines it. The explaination of the arm twisting trick is also given in the FREE ebook that we are offering below (we apologize that video quality is not very good).

David Blaine's famous magic secrets Revealed

David has not claimed that he possesses any extra-human powers, or supernatural powers. As such, he is a magician who is entertaining poeple. The following book (click below to download) answers several questions people had in their mind while watching his tricks; 'does he have some extra-human powers'? 'Is he blessed by God?' The answers are 'No'. He performs his wonderful magic with the help of tricks and tolerance. Find out how he does so by clicking on the picture of the book-cover above.

A print edition of David Blaine's Magic Secrets Revealed is also coming soon (from us) with lots of more interesting information.

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