Reiki By Prabir Ghosh

Translated by Sumitra Padmanabhan

What is Reiki?

Some practitioners of Kolkata claim that Reiki has its root in India. The ancient sage Bashishitha used to cure patients by his touch. Then it spread throughout the world. We all know that Jesus supposedly cured lepers (people suffering from the deadly disease, leprosy) by mere touch. Japanese professor Mikao Usui has recently popularized Reiki. Mediating at a stretch for 21 days he rediscovered this method of treating diseases by touch.

In the last 5 years, Reiki has become popular in India. Many masters teach the first degree of this art to their disciples in 2-3 days. Then comes the ‘purification period’ of 21 days, when the pupil has to turn vegetarian and abstain from alcohol, cigarettes and even coffee. Then, during the next two days’ degree course the students learn some symbols and mantras (codes words or magic chants). Then comes the ‘full-body’ Reiki. It takes 21 minutes to trasmit this last bit of power to the student and to administer the treatment of full-body Reiki to a patient. To Reiki-masters, the number 21 is sacred.

We note that, whether it is the native practitioners of India, or their Japanese Counterparts, all have got their special powers through mediation. The Japanese maestro Usui claims that he got this supernatural power through a string of light from the Heavens. If contained all the necessary formulae for this holistic treatment called Reiki.

People like me who are rationalists and believe that all seemingly supernatural phenomena have some natural and scientific basis, can try to explore the reality behind this newfound method of Reiki Treatment.

In Japanese, ‘Rei-ki’ means ‘Universal life-force’ (Rei = Universal or cosmic and ki = vital life force or energy) or Cosmic Energy.Those who believe in Reiki have a different story to tell about the human physiology. They say that there are seven main power points (‘Shakti-Chakra’) in the human body. These points can absorb the universal cosmic energy. In fact these ‘Chakras’ are continuously absorbing power from the cosmos. This continuous flow only keeps us filled with life, health and energy. According to the Reiki theorists, if for some reason the flow is hampered, the parts of the body – the muscles or glands connected to the related ‘Chakra’ become inactive. It is then that we suffer from various ailments. Those who are Reiki ‘doctors’ claim to be able to cure those ailments by their healing touch!

This is a theory. Whether we have to believe in it is another matter. If we believe anything that the interested practitioners try to teach, we might as well believe in witchcraft and sorcery; or in UFOs, dragons and ‘black-magic’.

The Analysis

‘Cosmic Energy’ and the theory of its being absorbed in the human body are completely erroneous. Cosmic energy is in Cosmic rays. It is an electromagnetic wave. The source of this ray is in the universe or cosmos. Cosmic ray is all around us. It is colorless. Even if we had the seven ‘power-points’ in our body, there is no way these points can absorb the cosmic power.

Reiki superstar Ms. P. Roy says that according to the Hindu scriptures, the human body has seven ‘Chakras’

They are –

* The crown Chakra: It is connected to the brains, the right eye etc. and it controls their activities and spirituality.

* The Third eye-Chakra: Its position is between the two eyebrows and it controls our will power, intuition and the entire nervous system.

* The Throat Chakra: It is connected to and controls the ailments of throat, thyroid, glands, lungs etc.

* The Heart Chakra: It is situated in the middle of our chest and controls our heart, love-life and all tender human emotions.

* The Solar Plexus Chakra is situated between the chest and the navel. It controls our stomach, liver, gall bladder – in other words, our entire digestive system.

* The Sacral Chakra: It is positioned at the crotch and controls the reproductory system – sexual desire, fertility, pregnancy, monthly periods etc.

* Root Chakra is at the rectum. It is the source of all physical power and creativity. It controls the function of kidney, bladder and the spinal chord.

The Power of the Hands

The ‘Reiki-masters’ hold that our hands are the extensions of our heart. The palms and fingers of our hands collect the cosmic energy absorbed in our bodies. If these ‘powerfully charged’ hands are gently laid on the various power points of the ailing person, these rays get transmitted to the subject’s body. This energizes the patient, his flow of energy resumes and he is recovered.

So, the basic theory here is –

1. All diseases are due to the lack of flow of cosmic energy in our body.

2. Cosmic energy is collected at the palm of our hands and the fingertips.

3. When the Reiki master touches the power points in the patients’ body, the energy passes on to the patient. The flow in the patient’s body resumes.

Just think about it !

Once upon a time people had the belief that diseases occur due to the sins of the people. Now a new theory is that whatever be the disease, it is caused by the lack of flow of cosmic energy. The Reiki practitioners have not cleared how the cosmic rays are connected to the diseases. The latest scientific theories about bacteria, virus, malnutrition etc as the causes of various diseases have to be discarded if we take this Reiki seriously.

Various Claims of Reiki Masters

Some Reiki masters of Kolkata claim that Reiki works even on inanimate objects. Opening of jammed locks without a key, running a car even after petrol is exhausted, running tape recorders and transistors that are out of order – all these are possible by the charged finger-tips of Reiki master’s and mistresses!

Ö Please request the nearest Reiki practitioner to really give a demonstration of any of these above claims.

Ö Throw a challenge on behalf of the rationalists to either demonstrate their power to run a car without petrol or a transistor without power or batteries.

Ö If you ever see such advertisement, put pressure on the claimant to stop such advertisement unless they can demonstrate their claims.

The Third Eye or Sixth sense

Another claim of the Reiki theorist is that charged by cosmic power, one can awaken the sixth sense or the third eye. So, if you acquire this power, you can ‘see’ a person’s real problems with just one look at him. Want to try? Please contact a Reiki master and check his or her powers with an open mind.

Do not forget to contact me and arrange for a challenge with the claimant. I will come with a patient.

Can Reiki Cure Some diseases?

Yes. There are many physical problems, which are caused by psychological reasons. The list is long –

Blood pressure Headache / migraine

Blood Sugar Ulcers

Asthma Various Pains

Frigidity Palpitation

Cough Stomach disorders

Many of the above symptoms can have a psychological root. In that case, they can be cured by ‘Placebo’. ‘Placebo’ or treatments that ‘will please’ the patients can include anything from administering empty capsules to using various medallions, talisman given by quack doctors. In such cases it is not unlikely that a person suffering from some such psychosomatic pains and disorders will feel ‘somewhat relieved’ by the ‘healing touch’ of a Reiki ‘doctor’.

Remember, sometimes a mother’s touch or a lover’s kiss can give us immense relief from sorrow or pain.

An encounter with the Canadian Reiki Doctor

The author with Clive Harris from Canada September 1, 2003.

Rana receiving treatment. (right)

The healing therapist Clive Harris came all the way from Canada to treat patients in Kolkata, India. He claimed to have healed millions all over the world; his charges – Rs. 2000/- per head. There was no proof of anybody having been cured by Clive Harris. But Clive Harris Foundation has made a net property worth 600 billion sterling pounds in this bogus method.

Though he claimed to possess healing touch for all kinds of ailments, he could not prove it in front of the camera and in my presence. Our member Rana went with speech disorder and received his touch. His problem is not cured till date.

What Clive Harris had done, that is, advertising to cure all diseases by any method, without proper drug license, is punishable under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 in India.


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