By Sumitra Padmanabhan,

General Secretary,


We strongly condemn the incident of violence on Taslima Nasreen in Hyderabad on August 9, 2007.

There is nothing 'unfortunate' about it as described by the MIM chief, Sultan S. Owaisi. Fortune has nothing to do with man's misdeeds. Someone has to take responsibility for any wrong that has been done wilfully.

We demand strict action as per the law of the country against the three MLAs Md. Muqtada Khan, Syed Ahmed Pasha, Md. Moazam Khan and also the MIM chief and his son Akbaruddin for misbehaving in public and attempting to kill or fatally hurt an invited guest.

It is a shame that for these fundamentalists Religion is so flimsy a dogma that it can be easily hurt or tarnished by an individual's efforts.

All the writings of religious leaders put together cannot counter a small book by Taslima. It justifies the name of the book 'Lajja'--'Shame'.The upholders of religion need to resort to brickbats-- chairs, laptops and what not!

As regards the legislators, the less said the better. They have proved by their own actions that they neither believe in Law nor do they have strong enough conviction in Religion. An exemplary legal action would be the only answer.

Thanks to Mr. Innaiah for bravely facing the situation and to Taslima for rousing the issue yet another time.

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