Kasab – Kasab – Kasab

There seems to be no other news in the papers for the last few weeks – culminating in Kasab’s death sentence announced on May 6, 2010. The font size gets bigger and bigger on the headline as the days pass. It makes us feel that with Kasab’s hanging terrorism will come to a sublime and magical end. It also makes us think that convicting and sentencing him to death was a difficult and complex feat carried out by the legal system. Please let us not forget that there is nothing so very great about meting out final judgment to a cold-blooded killer who had been caught red-handed. The hype is probably going out of proportions with an aim to make us a little more patriotic before the Independence Day. Well done, we understand this play on our distorted, negative sentiment commonly called ‘Patriotism’. What bewilders us is the repeated description of Ajmal Kasab as ‘the only surviving terrorist’ connected to the terror attack in Mumbai on 26/11. ‘The ONLY LIVING TERRORIST’, ‘Ekmatro jibito jongi’ -- goes on all the papers and channels with monotonous and sickening regularity. And the most intriguing fact is the utter silence of all the media about the names of Indian VIPs categorically mentioned in the FBI report. Our common sense tells us that when Kasab was arrested and a number of them killed – another handful of them might have fled the site. Some of them – boys like Kasab, must have been there monitoring the show from outside – guiding them and informing them about the arrival of police and the military strategies. They must have melted among the Mumbai crowd. And the news about the FBI report came in small letters in most papers some time towards the end of 2009. The fact that many Indian VIPS and VVIPS (whatever that means) were involved, they were found to be in constant contact with the terrorists, their phones, number of calls made etc etc …were specifically noted in the detailed report… But the information faded out … lost its punch …no big bold letters any more. We are patriots, we love our VIPs. Please… let’s wake up! Let’s not be fooled any more. Before August 15, 2010 we want all the names mentioned in the FBI report. Let us show true patriotism… cleaning the filth– looking for a true and clean image – that’s Patriotism. All those who feel like us – please raise your voices. ---- Sumitra Padmanabhan, HUMANISTS’ ASSOCIATION
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2 Responses to “Kasab – Kasab – Kasab”

  1. arindam 8 May 2010 at 11:39 AM #

    The article speaks my mind and of many others. It was just in time.

    After reading it, I expect all of us to create pressure on the Government to reveal the names of those “VVIP”s, who still remain behind the scene.

  2. Alak 10 May 2010 at 8:58 PM #

    You are right, That is true.

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