Misconceptions about snakes

By Santosh Sharma

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Courtesy: Dainik Vishwamitra, July 11, 2012

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One Response to “Misconceptions about snakes”

  1. Asokdas Charbak 31 July 2012 at 10:05 PM #

    In fact the Ma Manasa herself ,or her creater poet has no idea of the snakes. The poet who created the funny story of Manasa Mongol imagined that one Ma Manasa is a sake god.But the goddess is as ferrocious as ALL snakes. She bites her humans and other animals to death. The people who does not flatter the goddess or refuge to pay the due goonda tax to her are her target. And Lakhindar was a man like that.But the poet did not know that Kalnagini which bite Lakhindar to death is venomless and its biting is not fatal. Poor Ma Manasa as well as her creater poet was ignorant. The poet selected the Kalnagini by its scary sound of its name. If the snake god herself and even her creater has such misconception how can you except expertised knowledge from the ignorant godfearing, snakfearing superstitious people?
    Asokdas Charbak

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