Mother Teresa: Where Are Her Millions?

This article is the second bomb about the activities of Missionaries of Charity, after Sister Susan Shields dropped the 1st bomb, creating jaw-dropping shockwaves. More bombs are in the pipeline, as our inquiry continue; keep an eye on this site. -- Editor

by Walter Wuellenweber

Reprinted in arrangement with Stern Magazine ( , Germany. This article first appeared in Stern.

The Angel of the poor died some years ago. Donations still flow in to her Missionaries of Charity like to no other cause. But the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize vowed to live in poverty. What then, happened to so much money?

If there is a heaven, then she is surely there: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu from Skopje in Macedonia, better known as Mother Teresa. She came to Calcutta on the 6th of Januray 1929 as an 18 year old sister of the Order of Loreto. 68 years later luminaries from all over the world assembled in Calcutta in order to honour her with a state funeral. In these 68 years she had founded the most successful order in the history of the Catholic church, received the Nobel Peace Prize and became the most famous Catholic of our time.

Are doubts permitted, regarding this "monument"?

In Calcutta, one meets many doubters.

For example, Samity, a man of around 30 with no teeth, who lives in the slums. He is one of the "poorest of the poor" to whom Mother Teresa was supposed to have dedicated her life. With a plastic bag in hand, he stands in a kilometre long queue in Calcutta's Park Street. The poor wait patiently, until the helpers shovel some rice and lentils into their bags. But Samity does not get his grub from Mother Teresa's institution, but instead from the Assembly of God, an American charity, that serves 18000 meals here daily.

"Mother Teresa?"says Samity, "We have not received anything from her here. Ask in the slums -- who has received anything from the sisters here -- you will find hardly anybody."

Pannalal Manik also has doubts. "I don't understand why you educated people in the West have made this woman into such a goddess!" Manik was born some 56 years ago in the Rambagan slum, which at about 300 years of age, is Calcutta's oldest. What Manik has achieved, can well be called a "miracle". He has built 16 apartment buildings in the midst of the slum -- living space for 4000 people. Money for the building materials -- equivalent to DM 10000 per apartment building -- was begged for by Manik from the Ramakrishna Mission [a Indian/Hindu charity], the largest assistance-organisation in India. The slum-dwellers built the buildings themselves. It has become a model for the whole of India. But what about Mother Teresa? "I went to her place 3 times," said Manik. "She did not even listen to what I had to say. Everyone on earth knows that the sisters have a lot of money. But no one knows what they do with it!"

In Calcutta there are about 200 charitable organisations helping the poor. Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity are not amongst the biggest helpers: that contradicts the image of the organisation. The name "Mother Teresa" was and is tied to the city of Calcutta. All over the world admirers and supporters of the Nobel Prize winner believe that it must be there that her organisation is particularly active in the fight against poverty. "All lies," says Aroup . The doctor who lives in London was born and brought up in Calcutta. Chatterjee who has been working for years on a book on the myth of Mother Teresa, speaks to the poor in the slums of Calcutta, or combs through the speeches of the Nobel Prize winner. "No matter where I search, I only find lies. For example the lies about schools. Mother T has often stated that she runs a school in Calcutta for more than 5000 children. 5000 children! -- that would have to be a huge school, one of the biggest in all of India. But where is this school? I have never found it, nor do I know anybody who has seen it!" says Chatterjee.

Compared to other charitable organisations in Calcutta, the nuns with the 3 blue stripes are ahead in two respects: they are world famous, and, they have the most money. But how much exactly, has always been a closely guarded secret of the organisation. Indian law requires charitable organisations to publish their accounts. Mother Teresa's organisation ignores this prescription! It is not known if the Finance Ministry in Delhi who would be responsible for charities' accounts, have the actual figures. Upon STERN's inquiry, the Ministry informed us that this particular query was listed as "classified information".

The organisation has 6 branches in Germany. Here too financial matters are a strict secret. "It's nobody's business how much money we have, I mean to say how little we have," says Sr Pauline, head of the German operations. Maria Tingelhoff had had handled the organisation's book-keeping on a voluntary basis until 1981. "We did see 3 million a year," she remembers. But Mother Teresa never quite trusted the worldly helpers completely. So the sisters took over the financial management themselves in 1981. "Of course I don't know how much money went in, in the years after that, but it must be many multiples of 3 million," estimates Mrs Tingelhoff. "Mother was always very pleased with the Germans."

Perhaps the most lucrative branch of the organisation is the "Holy Ghost" House in New York's Bronx. Susan Shields served the order there for a total of nine and a half years as Sister Virgin. "We spent a large part of each day writing thank you letters and processing cheques," she says. "Every night around 25 sisters had to spend many hours preparing receipts for donations. It was a conveyor belt process: some sisters typed, others made lists of the amounts, stuffed letters into envelopes, or sorted the cheques. Values were between $5 and $100.000. Donors often dropped their envelopes filled with money at the door. Before Christmas the flow of donations was often totally out of control. The postman brought sackfuls of letters -- cheques for $50000 were no rarity." Sister Virgin remebers that one year there was about $50 million in a New York bank account. $50 million in one year! -- in a predominantly non-Catholic country. How much then, were they collecting in Europe or the world? It is estimated that worldwide they collected at least $100 million per year -- and that has been going on for many many years.

While the income is utter secret, the expenditures are equally mysterious. The order is hardly able to spend large amounts. The establishments supported by the nuns are so tiny (inconspicuous) that even the locals have difficulty tracing them. Often "Mother Teresa's Home" means just a living accomodation for the sisters, with no charitable funstion. Conspicuous or useful assistance cannot be provided there. The order often receives huge donations in kind, in addition to the monetary munificence. Boxes of medicines land at Indian airports. Donated foograins and powdered milk arrive in containers at Calcutta port. Clothing donations from Europe and the US arrive in unimaginable quantities. On Calcutta's pavement stalls, traders can be seen sellin used western labels for 25 rupees (DM1) apiece. Numerous traders call out, "Shirts from Mother, trousers from Mother."

Unlike with other charities, the Missionaries of Charity spend very little on their own management, since the organisation is run at practically no cost. The approximately 4000 sisters in 150 countries form the most treasured workforce of all global multi-million dollar operations. Having taken vows of poverty and obedience, they work for no pay, supported by 300,000 good citizen helpers.

By their own admission, Mother Teresa's organisation has about 500 locations worldwide. But for purchase or rent of property, the sisters do not need to touch their bank accounts. "Mother always said, we don't spend for that," remembers Sunita Kumar, one the richest women in Calcutta and supposedly Mother T's closest associate outside the order. "If Mother needed a house, she went straight to the owner, whether it was the State or a private person, and worked on him for so long that she eventually got it free."

Her method was also successful in Germany.In March the "Bethlehem House" was dedicated in Hamburg, a shelter for homeless women. Four sisters work there. The archtecturally conspicuous building cost DM2.5 million. The fortunes of the order have not spent a penny toward the amount. The money was collected by a Christian association in Hamburg. With Mother T as figure head it was naturally short work to collect the millions.

Mother Teresa saw it as as her God given right never to have to pay anyone for anything. Once she bought food for her nuns in London for GB£500. When she was told she'd have to pay at the till, the diminutive seemingly harmless nun showed her Balkan temper and shouted, "This is for the work of God!" She raged so loud and so long that eventually a businessman waiting in the queue paid up on her behalf.

England is one of the few countries where the sisters allow the authorities at least a quick glance at their accounts. Here the order took in DM5.3 million in 1991. And expenses (including charitable expenses)? -- around DM360,000 or less than 7%. Whatever happened to the rest of the money? Sister Teresina, the head for England, defensively states, "Sorry we can't tell you that." Every year, according to the returns filed with the British authorities, a portion of the fortune is sent to accounts of the order in other countries. How much to which countries is not declared. One of the recipients is however, always Rome. The fortune of this famous charitable organistaion is controlled from Rome, -- from an account at the Vatican bank. And what happens with monies at the Vatican Bank is so secret that even God is not allowed to know about it. One thing is sure however -- Mother's outlets in poor countries do not benefit from largesse of the rich countries. The official biographer of Mother Teresa, Kathryn Spink, writes, "As soon as the sisters became established in a certain country, Mother normally withdrew all financial support." Branches in very needy countries therefore only receive start-up assistance. Most of the money remains in the Vatican Bank.

STERN asked the Missionaries of Charity numerous times for information about location of the donations, both in writing as well in person during a visit to Mother Teresa's house in Calcutta. The order has never answered.

"You should visit the House in New York, then you'll understand what happens to donations," sayssays Eva Kolodziej. The Polish lady was a Missionary of Charity for 5 years. "In the cellar of the homeless shelter there are valuable books, jewellery and gold. What happens to them? -- The sisters receive them with smiles, and keep them. Most of these lie around uselessly forever."

The millions that are donated to the order have a similar fate. Susan Shields (formerly Sr Virgin) says, "The money was not misused, but the largest part of it wasn't used at all. When there was a famine in Ethiopia, many cheques arrived marked 'for the hungry in Ethiopia'. Once I asked the sister who was in charge of accounts if I should add up all those very many cheques and send the total to Ethiopia. The sister answered, 'No, we don't send money to Africa.' But I continued to make receipts to the donors, 'For Ethiopia'."

By the accounts of former sisters, the finances are a one way street. "We were always told, the fact that we receive more than other orders, shows that God loves Mother Teresa more. ," says Susan Shields. Donations and hefty bank balances are a measure of God's love. Taking is holier than giving.

The sufferers are the ones for whom the donations were originally intended. The nuns run a soup kitchen in New York's Bronx. Or, to put in straight, they have it run for them, since volunteer helpers organise everything, including food. The sisters might distribute it. Once, Shields remembers, the helpers made an organisational mistake, so they could not deliver bread with their meals. The sisters asked their superior if they could buy the bread. "Out of the question -- we are a poor organisation." came the reply. "In the end, the poor did not get their bread," says Shields. Shields has experienced countless such incidents. One girl from communion class did not appear for her first communion because her mothet could not buy her a white communion dress. So she had to wait another year; but as that particular Sunday approached, she had the same problem again. Shields (Sr Virgin) asked the superior if the order could buy the girl a white dress. Again, she was turned down -- gruffly. The girl never had her first communion.

Because of the tightfistedness of the rich order, the "poorest of the poor" -- orphans in India -- suffer the most. The nuns run a home in Delhi, in which the orphans wait to be adopted by, in many cases, by foreigners. As usual, the costs of running the home are borne not by the order, but by the future adoptive parents. In Germany the organisation called Pro Infante has the monopoly of mediation role for these children. The head, Carla Wiedeking, a personal friend of Mother Teresa's, wrote a letter to Donors, Supporters and Friends which ran:

"On my September vist I had to witness 2 or 3 children lying in the same cot, in totally overcrowded rooms with not a square inch of playing space. The behavioural problems arising as a result cannot be overlooked." Mrs Wiedeking appeals to the generosity of supporters in view of her powerlessness in the face of the children's great needs. Powerlessness?! In an organisation with a billion-fortune, which has 3 times as much money available to it as UNICEF is able to spend in all of India? The Missionaries of Charity has have the means to buy cots and build orphanages, -- with playgrounds. And they have enoungh money not only for a handful orphans in Delhi but for many thousand orphans who struggle for survival in the streets of Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

Saving, in Mother Teresa's philosophy, was a central value in itself. All very well, but as her poor organisation quickly grew into a rich one, what did she do with her pictures, jewels, inherited houses, cheques or suitcases full of money? If she wished to she could now cater to people not by obsessively indulging in saving, but instead through well thought-out spending. But the Nobel Prize winner did not want an efficient organisation that helped people efficiently. Full of pride, she called the Missionaries of Charity the "most disorganised organisation in the world". Computers, typewriters, photocopiers are not allowed. Even when they are donated, they are not allowed to be installed. For book-keeping the sisters use school notebooks, in which they write in cramped pencilled figures. Until they are full. Then everything is erased and the notebook used again. All in order to save.

For a sustainable charitable system, it would have been sensible to train the nuns to become nurses, teachers or managers. But a Missionary of Charity nun is never trained for anything further.

Fueklled by her desire for un-professionalism, Mother Teresa decisions from year to year became even more bizarre. Once, says Susan Shields, the order bought am empty building from the City of New York in order to look after AIDS patients. Purchase price: 1 dollar. But since handicapped people would also be using the house, NY City management insisted on the installation of a lift (elevator). The offer of the lift was declined: to Mother they were a sign of wealth. Finally the nuns gave the building back to the City of New York.

While the Missionaries of Charity have already witheld help from the starving in Ethiopia or the orphans in India -- despite having received donations in their names -- there are others who are being actively harmed by the organisation's ideology of disorganisation. In 1994, Robin Fox, editor of the prestigious medical journal Lancet, in a commentary on the catastrophic conditions prevailing in Mother Teresa's homes, shocked the professional world by saying that any systematic operation was foreign to the running of the homes in India: TB patients were not isolated, and syringes were washed in lukewarm water before being used again. Even patients in unbearable pain were refused strong painkillers, not because the order did not have them, but on principle. "The most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the suffering of Christ," said Mother Teresa. Once she had tried to comfort a screaming sufferer, "You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you." The sufferer screamed back, furious, "Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing me."

The English doctor Jack Preger once worked in the home for the dying. He says, "If one wants to give love, understanding and care, one uses sterile needles. This is probably the richest order in the world. Many of the dying there do not have to be dying in a strictly medical sense." The British newspaper Guardian described the hospice as an "organised form of neglectful assistance".

It seems that the medical care of the orphans is hardly any better. In 1991 the head of Pro Infante in Germany sent a newsletter to adoptive parents:"Please check the validity of the vaccinations of your children. We assume that in some case they have been vaccinated with expired vaccines, or with vaccines that had been rendered useless by improper strotage conditions." All this points to one thing, something that Mother Teresa reiterated very frequently in her speeches and addresses -- that she far more concerened with life after death than the mortal life.

Mother Teresa's business was : Money for a good conscience. The donors benefitted the most from this. The poor hardly. Whosoever believed that Mother Teresa wanted to cahnge the world, eliminate suffering or fight poverty, simply wanted to believe it for their own sakes. Such people did not listen to her. To be poor, to suffer was a goal, almost an ambition or an achievement for her and she imposed this goal upon those under her wings; her actual ordained goal was the hereafter.

With growing fame, the founder of the order became somewhat conscious of the misconceptioons on which the Mother Teresa phenomenon was based. She wrote a few words and hung them outside Mother House:

"Tell them we are not here for work, we are here for Jesus. We are religious above all else. We are not social workers, not teachers, not doctors. We are nuns."

One question then remains: For what, in that case, do nuns need so much money?

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46 Responses to “Mother Teresa: Where Are Her Millions?”

  1. ima 21 January 2010 at 6:07 PM #

    Susan Shields is 666 she is angel from the

  2. Kitty R 26 August 2011 at 5:51 AM #

    This is shocking to me. Although Mother Teresa meant to open a place the dying destitute could come there to die dignity, she should helped the living poor too. Money & gold not used is as good as a rock by the roadside. She wanted so badly to show that God will help His people without them having to use a single cent, not realizing that all the donation pouring in is God’s way of helping. Mother Teresa had failed to be a good steward of God’s money.
    “If there is among you a poor man…you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother, but you shall open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him…whatever he needs” (Deuteronomy 15:7-8)

  3. dennis 4 October 2011 at 8:33 PM #

    There’s only one factoid here I am familiar with, and that is regarding the property offered to MofC in New York for AIDS patients. It was not due to any concerns about appearing ostentatious that she refused to accept a building with an elevator. It was because the MofC would have been required to spend hundreds of thousands to install and maintain one. They patiently endured rounds of meetings with bureaucrats to hopefully persuade the government to grant them an exception from this absurdity, as they would not have used it anyway. The government officials refused, and the MofC gave up.

  4. Digesting VEDA 28 January 2012 at 4:55 AM #

    “Stop all conversions, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth” – Mahatma Gandhi

    Gandhiji was not awarded the Nobel peace prize because he refused to be converted. Now that missionaries are spreading their tentacles far and wide in India, converting people by allurement, inducement and fraud (in north east India, killings and threats are becoming commonplace), Gandhiji’s message is all the more relevant in understanding and reacting to this problem. Missionary Terrorism will become as dangerous as Islamic terrorism if ignored. Please read & distribute.

  5. Jamie McMorrow 8 February 2012 at 6:54 AM #

    I was totally unaware of the hidden face of Mother Teresa until Hitchen’s unveiled it and shone a light upon it.
    It makes you wonder how many lies are out there. I mean massive lies, hidden by powerful people. There is SO much corruption and concealment of the truth.. It makes me feel frustrated and sad.
    I wish Hitchen’s was still with us, presenting the world in with harsh truths. Exposing lies and arguing like the true pro he was.

  6. Thomas Polega 28 April 2012 at 7:33 AM #

    “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”
    My God Bless this Saintly woman and give all blessings to her sister’s order for Truly they are doing the work of the Lord our God. You do not understand because you do not understand suffering which because of Christ can give us life. For just as those who are crucified and die with Christ will also be glorified and risen from the dead with Him. This is the wisdom of the cross, a wisdom not of this world but of God.

  7. PZ Myers 11 October 2012 at 5:23 PM #

    I love how well cited and full of evidence this article is!! It’s definitely not a hit job.

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  9. John 21 February 2013 at 6:25 AM #

    Thomas Polega you truly are an ignorant fool.

  10. […] certainly, not a saint. She denied better medical care for patients in hospitals she managed. Also, dubious financial dealings and donations from anti-democratic leaders were common during her reign as a future […]

  11. Madhurima Das 6 January 2014 at 10:05 PM #

    Its disturbing that a person we were taught to idolize, as children, has such a dark side. The governments of the world should take over the properties and funds of the MofC and use them appropriately.

  12. jean-phi 21 March 2014 at 3:21 PM #

    I was in Calcutta to serve like many helpers coming from all over the world. I helped the sisters in Munich too, in Tanzania, Thailand, in Argentina and visited them in a few other countries and I cannot agree to what is written here. Sisters are doing a great job all over the world.

  13. jessica 6 May 2014 at 2:02 AM #

    Twice on two separate occasions I met dedicated missionaries. They told me terrible things about Mother Theresa. They told me she was a dictator & far from a caring person. One was an Indian nun born in Calcutta. She told me there was so much she could do, but Mother Theresa refused. She said she couldn’t care less about feeding the hungry children & turned away food donations; saying her mission was to comfort the dying. This she allowed hungry children to die. Mother Theresa was also a firm believer in the class system. Though Jesus made it clear that it would be easier for a camel to go through an eye of the needle than a rich man to heaven and their are constant references in the Acts to communism being the religion of God, where all men are equal , she believed the opposite-blessed are the rich.

  14. ... 22 May 2014 at 2:30 AM #

    Articles like this continue to prove that Mother Teresa is not only not a saint, but a very bad person. She stole billions of dollars from the public that trusted her to use this money to help people who were suffering and then mentally slapped them in the face by sending it to the Catholic Church, because obviously they need more money. I find it particularly terrible that so many suffering people entered those homes of the dying and that Mother Teresa did absolutely nothing about it. Mother Teresa neglected the suffering of the poor, stole billions from the public making her no better than the white collar criminal she accepted money from, whitewashed the actions of corrupt dictators, and opposed progressive policies that would alleviate the suffering of those in poverty. I still can’t believe this woman is idolized.

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  19. Eron 25 September 2014 at 6:39 PM #

    Lies, lies and more lies… in retrospect, that’s all MT was, a big pleasant lie so people could feel better in their comfortable chairs from the safety of their homes, throwing money to the problem, hoping it would go away. They did throw them on the wrong place though.

  20. don jank 6 October 2014 at 12:46 AM #

    I have worked in Calcutta twice 2013/14 I gave a lot of money to Prem Dan but as they purchased the items I agreed to furnish for them-I paid them. So I requested things they needed saw them built or bought and then gave the money-one example-10 stainless tables-eight foot by two foot to be used there.I watched them being welded and later before I left saw them in use. when I return my same policy will be used-I give you the list of things we agree you need-when bought and items shown to me I pay the nuns and get a receipts!! Don Jank Victoria,Texas 361 578 5131 P.S. This was several thousand dollars!!!

  21. don jank 6 October 2014 at 1:03 AM #

    I recently downloaded pictures of Mother Teresa and her sister-Ages 18/20. I sent at least 15 pictures different sizes 8X10,s and 5X7,s and asked if they could be made available in their museum at the Motherhouse and either sold or put DONATION on them thereby bringing in some money to be used for the poor.Just received a letter from them saying-cannot be done. They informed me that the pictures were given out to certain people or places.To be able to see Mother Teresa and her sister in their Ukraine dresses to me were most impressive and should be made available to all that volunteer or visit the Motherhouse.!!! Don Jank Victoria,Texas 361 578-5131

  22. don jank 6 October 2014 at 1:06 AM #

    Sorry the second comment was not the same as the first-NO I am not GRANDSTANDING!!!!! Mr. Jank Just a faithful volunteer and donor!!

  23. Wendell 26 October 2014 at 9:50 PM #

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    looking on the net in search of websites with any sort of stories on wordpress Awesome WP Website Builder (Wendell)
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  25. nsmsh 29 December 2014 at 1:54 PM #

    Why for 68 years (till she lived in India) there was no research on her activity and a big cry now when she is no more to respond?.

  26. SSm Balaji 29 December 2014 at 2:38 PM #

    wow.. the biggest fraud in the world turns out to be Terasa…and hahahaha..(LOL) gets the Nobel prize for that…No wonder we say the world is full of idiots…the ones who gave money to her and the bigger ones who gave her the Nobel prize…hahahahaha (LOL) The entire wealth accumulated by this fraud and her organisation is illegal…It has to be confiscated by the respective countries…The monies sent to vatican or any other place is also illegal and needs to be confiscated by India….of course the nuns now running the show have to be arrested and enquired…and prosecuted

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  28. Dee Loli 10 February 2015 at 3:33 AM #

    Don Jank please contact me at my email address
    I would like to do what u did when you visited. This was we know exactly where our donation is going.

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  30. Deanna Johnston Clark 21 April 2015 at 1:04 AM #

    I used to send boxes to the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta through a friend, a French Catholic lady very involved. She worked with Seva Samiti, the Indian outreach…begun by Gandhi.
    My friend wrote me, “Please don’t send anything more to the M of C…they are so rich and the Indian charities (which have people of Christian faith as well as Hindu) are going broke.” I began to suspect the whole racket behind Mother Teresa.
    I am a Christian and have no ax to grind. But the truth should be known. I didn’t like Mother Teresa’s cancelling the Nobel Prize dinner, using the reasoning of Judas…that the $$ should go to the poor. I thought of the loss to all those who make a living catering, serving, entertaining that affair…it showed a lack of faith. God can handle His money better than Mother Teresa and He loves a good party, from the Bible.

  31. abhishek 5 June 2015 at 9:53 PM #

    NUNS…Nanny Unnaturally Naughty…the readers would enjoy an article about their bizarre sexual conducts….This may not be a right place for such explicit topics..but we need to blow up some dangerously misleading words like chastity, celibacy etc in the sexual context….

  32. […] In an important article in the German Magazine “Stern” which is not known for any anti-Catholic bias it was published in detail about her financial dealings. The English version is used here. […]

  33. Will 10 November 2015 at 8:58 AM #

    First of all, saying sth doesnt prove it. Proof is lacking here. Second, whatd be the purpose of keeping all those millions of dollars if she didnt enjoy or spend them at all?

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