‘আমরা যুক্তিবাদী’ পত্রিকার পূর্ববর্তী সংখ্যাগুলো এখানে প্রকাশ করা হল।

Past and current issues of 'Aamra Yuktibadi' (RATIONALIST) magazine in Bengali.

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সেরা যুক্তিবাদী সংকলন-- ৬০০ পৃষ্ঠার বই দে'জ পাবলিশিং -- দাম ৪০০ টাকা




B The Mystery of Mother Teresa and Sainthood Written by Prabir Ghosh

Know about one of the most shocking “upsets” of all times.

19th. October, 2003…every stage was set in Vatican…Mother Teresa was to be conferred Sainthood for her “miraculous cure” done to Monica Besra, a village girl from India. But that was never to be!

Prabir Ghosh, the General Secretary of Science and Rationalist's Association of India stood in between.   More...

B Terrorism: A Rational Point of View

Written by Prabir Ghosh and Sumitra Padamanabhan

‘TERRORISM: A Rational Point of View’ is the guide, resource and album designed to provide insights, in depth analysis & facts to the most burning issue of the planet…an extremely useful reference to be part of any serious social science collection./span>

Click here to download this FREE e-book (28324) B B B B B B Why I do not believe in god Written by Prabir Ghosh “This book is named ‘Why I Do Not Believe in God’. Here the word ‘I’ does not mean me alone. ‘I’ represent a large number of common people who, like me, do not believe in the existence of god… I was sincere in my effort while collecting the points, and my friends and fellow rationalists supplied me with numerous arguments. Had I failed to counter any of these arguments, I would have, by now, joined the believers. If my readers inform me personally that I have missed any point I would incorporate them in the next edition of this book. In case I fail to refute any point, I on behalf of my organization, promise to close down the Science & Rationalists’ Association and discontinue all my rationalist activities forever..” –says Prabir Ghosh, the author.    More... Translated by Sumitra Padamanabhan

Published by ,5715 Will Clayton # 6078, Humble, TX 77338, USA



1. Aloukik noy Loukik(Vol-I) [Nothing is Supernatural, Vol-I] Subjects on ‘Parapsychology’, like ESP, Telepathy, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Psycho-Kinesis are discussed elaborately. Various godmen of the world has been exposed in this volume and their claims on supernaturalism debunked. (Pages - 264)


2. Aloukik noy Loukik(Vol-II) [Nothing is Supernatural, Vol-II] In this volume, ‘exorcism’, ‘witch-craft’, ‘being possessed by god or demon’ have been scientifically explained. Elaborate discussion about the reasons behind these superstitious beliefs is there. (Pages - 351)


3. Aloukik noy Loukik(Vol-III) [Nothing is Supernatural, Vol-III] In-depth study on Astrology as against Astronomy is the theme of this part. Belief on stones & amulets, metal tablets has been discussed scientifically. Apart from this, predictions of Nostradamus have been discussed and explained with humour. (Pages - 306)


4. Aloukik noy Loukik(Vol-IV) [Nothing is Supernatural, Vol-IV] Soul, Spiritualism, Planchette, Reincarnation---- 12 such incidents narrated by Parapsychologists have been scientifically explained in this volume. It also explains how status-quo is being maintained in our social-system. In order to change the system, we should know its basis. (Pages - 240 )


5. Aloukik noy Loukik(Vol-V) [Nothing is Supernatural, Vol-V] Definition of religion as an institution; the advent of religion, the views of various Sociologists and Archeologists; Atheism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Contemporary Rationalism and Marxism; details on Yoga and Tantra - with all these discussed with insight –this latest volume is a ‘must-read’. (Pages - 256)


6. Ami Kano Ishwar-e Biswas Kori Na? [ Why I Don’t believe in God ?] An array of arguments in favour of religious faith or belief in god are brought in. Various points as expressed by believers from all walks of life –from a destitute to a Nobel-laureate are discussed and discarded with counter-argument. It’s a first ever book of this kind with an exhaustive list of arguments and counter-arguments. (Pages - 216 )


7. Sanskriti-Sanghrasho-O-Nirman [Cultural Revolution : the struggle and the formation] This book is the Manifesto of The Science and Rationalists’ Association of India. It is a veritable text-book for those who believe in the necessity of Cultural Revolution . The Indian Constitution, Religious fanaticism , Secularism etc. have been discussed in a new light by way of a guideline to drastic cultural/ social change. (Pages - 255)


8. Probad-Sanskar-Kusanskar (Vol-I) [Adages, practices, superstitions and hearsay ] Ancient and modern adages in alphabetical order are compiled and analysed meticulously-one can call it a dictionary of adages with specialized comments on each. (Pages - 256)


9. Dharma-Seba-Sammohan [Religion-Charity-Hypnotism] Collection of essays on various social and human malaise from the rational point of view. Topics discussed- Hypnotism, Mob-violence, Credibility of News-Media, Secularism, the role of NGOs funded from abroad. (Pages - 120)


10. Shadhinotar Por Bharoter Jwalanto Samasya [ The burning issues of post independent India] As evident from the name, this collection has topics like 50 years of Indian Independence, free-thinking in Bangladesh , the inside story of “sex-worker’s” movement , Kashmir Movement : a Historic Manifesto and Corruption. (Pages - 176)


11. Juktibadir Chokhe Narimukti [Women’s liberation through Rational Eye] Women’s liberation and feminism has got a new perspective in this collection. Through rational analysis, a new concept “Humanistic Feminism ” has emerged. Feminist movement throughout the world at different times have been discussed. (Pages - 168)


12. Yuktibadir Challenger-ra (Vol-I) [The confrontation with rationalists, Vol-I] Collection of real-life stories – a first hand account of thrilling challenges faced and won by Gurubusters Prabir and Rationalists’ Association. (Pages - 176)


13. Yuktibadir Challenger-ra(Vol-II) [The confrontation with rationalists, Vol-II] During the last 5 years after volume-I, the rationalists (Yuktibadis) faced more than 200 challenges and each and every case they came out successful. Top ten such incidents of exposing social or medical myths, or debunking religious hocus-pocus have been narrated in this book . Is Mother Teresa on her path to sainthood? What is behind the beatification of this soul? This book is a ‘must read’ for sociologist and adventure-lovers alike.


14. Dui Banglar Juktibadider Chokhe Dharma [Religion as seen by Rationalists of Bengal - East and West] As evident from the name , it is a collection of essays by the Rationalists of Bangladesh and West Bengal. The topic of religion has been dealt from various angles by 30 eminent Bengali writers. (Pages - 319)


15. Aloukik Drishti Rahasya [The mystery of miraculous vision ] (Pages - 111)


16. Pinky O Aloukik Baba [Pinky and the godman] (Pages - 84)


17. Aloukik Rahasya Sandhane Pinky [Pinky , chasing the supernatural mysteries] (Pages - 128)


18. Aloukik Rahasya Jaale Pinky [ Pinky trapped in miraculous mysteries] Exciting real life incidents revealing various paranormal mysteries specially meant for young readers. (Pages - 128)


19. Kashmir Samasya: Ekti Aitihasik Dalil [Kashmir Issue: a historical manifesto] (Pages - 48)


20. Bhute Bhar [‘Being Possessed’ (By Demon)] (Pages - 48 )


21. Jyotish Banam Bigyan [Astrology Vs Science – Pamphlet] (Pages - 54)


22. Biswa Quiz [World Quiz]


23. GUERILLA JUDDHER A to Z theke AZADI A The last book is written by Prabir Ghosh and Sumitra Padamanabhan. Rest all the books are written by Prabir Ghosh. Most of these books are published by Dey's Publishing, 13 Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata 700 073. N.B. Anyone wishing to translate any of the books into any language may contact Prabir Ghosh personally or write to 72/8 Debinibas Road Kolkata – 700 074 West Bengal, India

50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists

“50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists” – collection of essays by atheists of the world. Authors include Prabir Ghosh and Sumitra Padmanabhan from India. Price: $29.95. Click here to read preview. Details available at and .


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