Rationalists’ Day 2008: You are invited!

Dear friends,

While we appreciate that all rationalists across the world; like you; are working from their own locations to propagate the ideas of rationalism; it is also important that we meet…that we come together.

1 March 2008, International Rationalists' Day is one such occasion when we must meet with each other.

As such, Science and Rationalists' Association of India has arranged an event at Habra (50 kms from Kolkata, India), on International Rationalists' Day. The enriching seminar on rationalism will be followed by a cultural program. The legendary Rationalist Award 2007 (in 3 categories) will be handed over to the 'Leader of the Year', 'Writer of the Year' and 'Media of the Year'.

On this day, several organizations, including numerous trade unions of the Communist Party, have arranged for a special show to eradicate superstition among the workers.

If you have an enthusiast friend who does not know about this, please do not forget to inform her/him about this event (on 1 March 2008).

This invitation shall be published in all our websites, journals and other media.


General Secretary,

Science and Rationalists' Association of India &

General Secretary,

Humanists’ Association

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