Some lines from an article by ‘Super cop’ K. P. S. Gill

Wherever I confronted terrorism … my first effort was always to develop a fair understanding of motive, intent and ideology of the groups… … The Maoists have many sins to their name, but putting bombs in public places to target random civilians are not among these. There is definitely a comprehensive failure of assessment on the part of the Marxists, not only in Lalgarh, but in the preceding proclivity to deny or distort the reality of the Maoist gains in the state. … ...What we see is a whole spectrum of perspectives from the ultra-romantic to sweeping condemnation. Intellectuals and political players have alternately projected the Maoists as heroic defenders of the oppressed masses or as ‘mere’ criminals, thugs and extortionists. The reality lies elsewhere. This is an ideologically motivated grouping – though not all its members could conceivably have a full comprehension of ideology and strategy… …If the Maoists are to be defeated, the state and its agencies will have to develop a detailed understanding of their strategies, tactics and underlying ideology. Such an understanding is now conspicuous by its absence, with the notable exception of the police leadership in Andhra Pradesh and a few officers of the intelligence establishment. To my surprise, it appears to be evidently and abundantly lacking among the Marxists in West Bengal. [The complete article ‘The Truth about Lalgarh’ 2 is available in The Telegraph, dated 4th July 2009. It is a sequel to ‘The Suspension of common sense and the astonishing embrace of nonsense’ by the same author. We may not agree with all the views of Mr. Gill- but certainly agree that the 2 articles dated 3 and 4 June show his serious and sincere effort and valuable advices.]
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