The Government of America – Father of Modern day Terrorism

Prabir Ghosh Sumitra Padmanabhan

The Controller of the modern Islamic terrorism is Al Quaida. Yes; and by knowing the history behind the birth of Al Quaida, we can come to know why and how the Government of USA is responsible for its creation.

From the seventies in the last century the Government of America had left no stones unturned to uproot the Russian rule in Afghatistan. The ‘democratic government’ of Afghanistan was totally dependent on the Russian army. And the strongly fundamentalist Muslim clan there was the ‘Taliban’. The two neighboring countries of Afghanistan were Russia on one hand and Pakistan, a friend nation of America on the other. So the location of Afghanistan was strategically important to America. Hence the need for political transition in Afghanistan was important for faraway USA.

The Government of America started helping the Taliban group in various ways. – In 1985 a regular office was opened in Rawalpindi of Pakistan with specialists from the CIA and Pentagon. The rugged Taliban fundamentalists were trained in sophisticated modern warfare. Only to reduce their dependence on America the Taliban activists started earning money through production and smuggling of drugs. Soon Afghanistan became notorious as one of the largest producers of opium-based drugs.

Civil engineer and Civil Construction tycoon Osama Bin Laden came into the picture with his expertise as the warfare reached its climax with the need to build roads, tunnels and trenches. Osama struck a quick friendship with the Pakistani President Musharraf. Osama was not only a great organizer and a technological wizard, he was also an expert in arms and explosives. But in mind he was a medieval male chauvinist and a Muslim above all. He became the hero of the backward Talibans – training, advising and guiding them in guerilla warfare.

‘Al Quaida’ was founded in 1988. Laden knew that a leader may be destroyed, but the ideology remains. So he trained the desperate and headstrong Al Quaida warriors in Islamic fundamental ideologies and brought them up to be so staunch in their religious convictions that they were ever ready to sacrifice their lives for their faith.

At present ‘Al Quaida’ is spread over 34 countries. It is more a religious organization than a politically motivated activist group. Those who are not militant but would like to see Islamic faith rule the world, also support the Al Quaida. They collect funds, make CDs and spread Islamic fanaticism. Side by side, they spread hatred for the western world. For them to lay down their lives to somehow harm the Western World is a sure gateway to heaven. Whether right or wrong, for them this Islamic ideology is the driving force.

The Laden, who was created by the Government of America and was a friend of America, is now its premier enemy. Saddam might have been a dictator, but he hardly had any ideology to follow, nor any follower to spread his message throughout the world. His militant activists were mercenaries – or paid soldiers. This is the big difference. Osama bin Laden’s ‘Al Quaida’ is a staunch and determined militant community bent on establishing Islamic ideals. These ‘ideals’ in many cases are totally contrary to the concept of basic human rights. Wherever men were in charge, there have been many restrictive measures, ‘fatwas’ or sanctions for women. For example – women’s bodies should be covered in such a way that not even the wrists show. If the wrists were visible, that part of their hands should be cut off. Women were not allowed to go out into the streets alone. They were denied the right to education and to medical care. They would rather starve or beg in the streets, than work to earn money.

It is undeniable that Osama bin Laden tried to bring back medieval Muslim rule and take the people backward by hundreds of years. This was his ‘ideal’, which many ‘highly educated’ Muslims also accepted. And they are the ones who taught how to utilize advanced technologies – communication system, use of arms, making of explosives for destruction of the human civilization.

The ‘terrorism’ created by Government of America by using Laden has now boomeranged. And it has enlarged out of proportions by the addition of Islamic fundamentalism to its core. Now their main target is America. That is how they brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center– the epitome of American supremacy, literally bringing the superpower down on its knees.

USA is a ‘civilized’ country, a ‘great’ country like India. But the main difference between India and America is that the Government of America does not terrorize its own citizens; it maintains perfect democracy within its territory. But the Government of India on the other hand continues reign of terror in the border states, in Jammu & Kashmir and goes on acquiring regions to add to its number of states (for example Sikkim). America aroused the hatred of the oil-rich Arab Countries by trying to have its ultimate control over these rich but otherwise backward nations. The smaller and weaker nations accepted this highhanded attitude of the bullying big brother. Others wanted to retaliate. But how? At the moment, direct warfare with America is not a feasible idea. The only way is to carry out sporadic guerrilla war and occasional terrorist attacks by killing thousands of innocent people. After the destruction of the twin towers in 2001, America started its all out crusade to uproot the Taliban government and Al Quaida. In an ultimatum to the Taliban government, the American President demanded the following:-

(1) All the leaders of Al Quaida including Bin Laden should be handed over to America, (2) All terrorist Camps should be closed down (3) All imprisoned Western Nationals should be released (4) US should be allowed to carry out combing operations in Afghanistan.

America announced that further discussions on the matter were futile and this war was against all terrorists of the world – not only Al Quaida. China and Russia did not like this stand – as the definition ‘terrorist’ was given by none other than America. They felt that at a later date, it might take an arbitrary look. On September 23, 2002 the Taliban government refused America’s 4-point proposal. But by this time America had got all countries under ‘NATO’ agreement by its side. With them were added the European Union. Then came – Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India. Iran and Sweden were impartial. Egypt and China protested.

Now, if we accept the definition of UN, we will have to agree that USA itself is a substantially large ‘terrorist’ in its own way. Anything against the interests of America is always interfered with. To keep its own people safe and secure, the US does not hesitate to create terrorism in other countries.

The difference in culture and values among nations also create alienation and hatred. The values of America and the medieval values existing in some of the Islamic Countries are incompatible. This enhances the mutual hatred. Some Islamic nations – like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan of course, tactically support the US government . But a majority of the poor people of these same countries nevertheless cherish a hatred for anything American or ‘Western’. Such is the influence of ‘religion’.

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