The ‘Sunderban Ghost’

Sunderban Ghost

This photo was in wide circulation earlier this year, through chain-mails/forwarded mails, claiming it to be the SUNDERBAN GHOST photographed by three 21 yr old boys when they visited the Sunderbans; one of who reportedly suffered heart attack on seeing the ghost. This photo was also in people’s rumours. We had received several enquiries asking about the truth of this photo, which we had answered as this being a poor PhotoShop work.

I have found out the source. Here it is…this was the photo (the one given below) from which the ‘ghost’ was taken.

Pinaki Ghosh

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  1. ziz 1 June 2014 at 3:59 AM #

    I’m from bengal nd very near from sundarban, I knw the incident nd almost all leading newspaper published it, but the ghost was nither she (girl in this pic) nor so clear, there was jst a hazzy girl look like thing.

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