By Prabir Ghosh & Sumitra Padmanabhan

1] Nandigram is basically an agricultural region, some 90% of its population
being totally dependent on farming. 40% of its villages have no electricity.
Proper roads do not connect 50% of the region.

2] The Chief Minister of West Bengal and his party are hell bent on handing
over this land forcefully to the Indonesian industrialist group known as the
Salem group.

3] Once, one million Communists were killed in Indonesia with the active
cooperation of this Salem group.

4] In order to acquire this land forcefully the Police force, the cadres of
CPI (M) party and their mercenary killers jointly pounced upon the villagers
on March 14, 2007.

5] A thousand Hindu residents of Nandigram were praying and Muslims were
doing their Namaaz when the attack took place. Most of the Hindus who were
praying were women.

6] People of Nandigram could not save their village even by putting their
womenfolk on the frontline of resistance. During the one-sided,
indiscriminate attack that followed— there were mass killing, gang rape and
hurried disposal of dead bodies.

7] CPI (M) has a pet phrase that it uses on any occasion—‘USA is a terrorist
Nation’. When did we ever see America terrorizing its own countrymen?
Even in the other states of India have we hardly ever seen such blatant acts
of genocide and terrorism as was carried out in West Bengal.

8] It is historically true that in most countries the established
intellectuals are sycophants of the ruling party. So it is not surprising
that even in West Bengal, a vast majority of the intelligentsia is still
catering to the ruling party at this crucial time.

9] During the infamous Gujarat riots where thousands of Muslims were killed
by Hindus, the intellectuals unanimously branded Narendra Modi, the C.M. of
Gujarat as the ‘killer’ demanding his capital punishment.  Now did Modi
personally carry out the loot, arson and murder? The answer is ‘No’. But as
the C.M of the state he could not escape responsibility.

Then why the same logic shall not be applied to Buddhadeb Bhattacharya?
Being the Chief Minister and the Police Minister of the state, why his
punishment shall not be demanded?

10) At a meeting called by the CPI (M) students and youth organizations on
March 28, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya publicly accepted his responsibility for
the police atrocities on March 14. But can this move of his save him from
facing punishment? Just by accepting responsibility how and why could he
avoid judgment? A common criminal cannot escape punishment if he accepts his

11] Within 3 days of the incident in Nandigram, in a most positive protest
drive, many political parties, social organizations, individuals and
intellectuals jointly voiced their opinions in bold terms against this
state-sponsored atrocity and forceful acquisition of farmland. The most
inspiring and encouraging fact is that millions had come to join the protest march leaving aside their political colors, their party flags and their organization banners.

This spontaneous reaction of millions can lead to a revolution unless
someone sabotages it from within for political/personal gain.

12] One among the protestors was Kabir Suman, the singer. He announced on a
public platform –‘let us kill five CPM cadres each’. We disagree with this
kind of ‘fascist’ excesses. We strongly believe that fascism cannot be
fought by counter-fascism; it can only increase the chaos.

There is a possibility that such loose and irresponsible outbursts by
people like Kabir Suman might be conscious efforts to dilute the serious
upheaval seen among the people of West Bengal. Standing on the stage he
called the Chief Minister ‘son of a whore’. Was it not misguiding the
public, earning a bad name for all protestors, and thus diverting the real
issue, creating differences among people?


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  1. […] took place”. Though for this essay the line has been copied from (of all places) a rationalist website, variants of the above will be found populating an array of fact finding reports and blog posts […]

  2. […] took place”. Though for this essay the line has been copied from (of all places) a rationalist website , variants of the above will be found populating an array of fact finding reports and blog posts […]

  3. asit guin 8 February 2014 at 5:33 PM #

    5 yrs after her son died in the march 14, 2007 Nandigram incident, Firoza Biwi, Nandigram MLA asked industry minister the question on industrialization in Nandigram. It was Nandigram and Singur that put TMC to power. TMC had converted Nandigram into a samshan. The people are not against industry. But it is too late. In Nandigram, one police officer sadhucharan Chattopadhyaya was killed in the month of Feb-2007. In March, 14 farmers died in police firing. So policeman was eliminated first, road was dug, panchayet leader sankar Samanta was eliminated, Maoists were very much present in Nandigram with weapons and providing training. Police firing was unfortunate, but it has occurred as an effect of many other unfortunate incidents occurred beforehand. Already sill commission told that dinhata police firing is ok. So, what is wrong with Nandigram firing? Can the present govt or any govt arrange rasagullas for road-diggers?

  4. asit guin 8 February 2014 at 7:03 PM #

    In the investigation of the Nandigram police firing, CBI found involvement of TMC. No evidence has been found that CPI (M) had infiltrated police & fired at innocents. Neither have they found any evidence of ‘trawler’ filled dead bodies ‘smuggled’ out of Nandigram. CBI failed to find any remains of slaughtered children. The story that emerges out of the two charge-sheets filed by the CBI in the Haldia Court on the events of 18th March, 2007 is completely different from what the Congress, Trinamul party, a section of the intellectuals & the press had campaigned. It was this vicious campaign that galvanized the public opinion against the 34 year LF govt. There were two incidents of shooting that day, Bhangabera Bridge & Gokulnagar. CBI has submitted two separate charge-sheets. What emerges is that there were armed miscreants hiding behind the assembled people, mainly women & children. They had fired on the police. The incident at the Bhangabera Bridge has 129 accused, four of them deceased. The first name on the list is one Ashok Mondol, a resident of Sonachura & Trinamul worker. His elder brother, Ajay Mondol was a Trinamul candidate in the Panchayat elections & has become a Panchayat Samiti member. There is Subodh Patra, TMC candidate for the 2003 Panchayat polls from Sonachura. Accused no. 116 is Sonachura resident Rabin Mondol, a local TMC leader. He had played a big role in the year long terror & anarchy in that region. The key protagonist of this campaign, Krishnapada Mondol, is a TMC worker & relative of TMC leader, Nishikanta Mondol. Other accused, Rashbehari Khara, Prasenjit Karon, Gobinda Paik, Shankar Dalapati, Raghunath Dolui, Satyaranjan Manna, Lakhikanta Gayen, Robi Das are all known Trinamul workers & leaders. The list in the other charge-sheet on the Gokulnagar shooting too has TMC workers & leaders, a total of 37. Salil Das Adhikari & Sushil Das Adhikari are known TMC workers & related to TMC Panchayat Samiti member, Swadesh Das Adhikari. The other accused, Moni Rana, Prankrishna Das, Joydev Mondol, Srimanta Mondol are known local workers of the TMC. It is now clear that statements made by Left Front were correct. CBI came to two conclusions fairly early in its investigation, 1) State government had not sent the police to Nandigram secretly. There were numerous forewarnings after that area was cut off & the administration stopped from entering the area. It was clearly declared that the police will go in to restore the rule of law in the area & to carry out repairs to the roads infrastructure destroyed in the area; 2) there was an illegal assembly by the BUCP to stop the police from carrying out its job. Is it sheer coincidence that Mamata Banerjee did not provide the permission to the CBI for interrogating the top police officials?

  5. asit guin 21 April 2015 at 5:44 PM #

    Charge sheet by CBI against police firing at Nandigram clearly states that there was NO SECRET OPERATION framed at Nandigram. Police was compelled to shoot after receiving continuous one sided attack. The operation was executed after repeated declaration. On 14th March 2007, Police reached Nandigram to repair road that was distorted by Land Eviction Committee on the month of January. The police was supposed to enter the place through broken fences. A huge crowd of 5000 people accumulated at other side of the bridge. Right after this, police was attacked after which they were compelled to counter attack. At first police was provided with sticks and shield bearer for defense followed by 47 rounds of tear gas. But after following all procedures as per regulations, police was at last compelled to shoot blank around ten times. Everything was done after numerous announcements by police. Yet, with the situation getting out of control the police was instruct for target firing. Initially it was said that the incident took lives of innocent people but the charge sheet reports say that police was compelled to counter attack after repeated pounces.

  6. padamu 20 May 2015 at 2:28 AM #

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    as I found this piece of writing at this site.

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